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  1.  Half Good / Half Bad


    Well it's been awhile since I last picked up a Sonic game but something about this one gained my interest. Probably due to SEGA's announcement they were going to introduce some 2D elements in to it.

    Immediately the thoughts rushed back of the MegaDrive era but in HD, sadly though the chaps at Sonic Team strayed away from that thought and instead introduced a massive purple "Werehog". That was their first mistake.

    Secondly I'm not sure who tested the game but the camera angles are horrid, at some points if you go too close to the wall you are welcomed to a massive black screen! Not exactly what I was after!

    Still with the negatives out of the way this Sonic game does seem like they are heading in to a better direction from the previous titles. The HD introduction really is something special and a great way to make you feel at ease for buying a HD Ready TV!

    The voice overs are OK, some are a little hard on the ears but if you wanted to listen to the Japanese voices instead you can, as SEGA have allowed you to pick either English or Japanese voicing which is a nice move.

    Probably where Sonic Unleashed shines the most is the soundtrack. Most of the tracks will have you humming at least along to. Even now if I play the old Sonic titles you can't shake that theme tune playing along and Sonic Unleashed is very much like that too.

    For those of you who are interested Sonic Unleashed does come bundled with trophies, some easy some will have you pulling your hair out for! It does add some more time in to the game which is always a plus in my eyes.

    Overall if they took away the Werehog levels and stuck purely with the real fast paced action of the Sonic stages Sonic Unleashed would of easily faired higher on the rating. As it stands now Sonic Unleashed has made some great advancements from previous titles but has failed to shake off those slighty annoying traits which keeps it from being a great game.

  2.  16 Bit To 2009!


    Seeing as I was a child when all of these came out I can safely say that the collection on offer here is superb. You have great platform games in the Sonic franchise, not to mention 2D side scrolling fight games with Golden Axe and Streets of Rage series.

    For you RPG fans there is the Phantasy Star and Shining Force games and a whole feast of other games to tuck in to when you have the need to.

    Now don't get me wrong these games are hardly testing your consoles limits but for the games on offer not to mention the fantastic price for all of them it would be a very worthy purchase indeed.

    This game also has trophies to be collected which, depending if you like collecting them further test you with the game.

    Overall a very tasty combination of games that will either bring back a ton of memories or a great way of introducing kids to the gaming world.

  3.  Run, Run, Run!


    Having downloaded the demo on the Playstation Network last night I was pleasantly impressed with everything Mirror's Edge threw at me.

    Firstly you learn the controls which are simple enough, the focus is on using the L1, L2, R1 and R2 buttons which enables you to free up your other hand with the movement pad. Granted it feels weird at first but evenutually it becomes natural. Also you can disarm people should the situation arise and you can indeed shoot foe's too but since the main character isn't a natural killer shooting is frowned upon and is rather tricky to pull off.

    Graphically the game looks brilliant, having seen a few video's in the past I couldn't help but notice the lack of detail but having played the demo they have included a lot morel, not massive amounts but enough to see and be pleased with.

    For multiplayer the game has a series of time trial modes which you race against to hopefully beat, there is no co-op mode which isn't necessarily a bad thing, as being on your own against an entire police force is a thrill in it's own right.

    Dice (the games developer) have done a great job with this game and it should prove to be a success to the majority of the gaming market.

    The reason this game does recieve the 5 star from me is down to it being a total refresh on the FPS sector where killing is optional yet running and getting away from people is the way to go. Not only that but the character you control isn't a hero but just someone that delivers infomation and from even the demo you really feel that from playing it.

  4.  Beautiful Art And A Fantastic Game


    Having played the demo on the PlayStation Network this game is worthy of the 5 star treatment.

    I'm not saying this is a game for everyone as it isn't, but for people who enjoy Final Fantasy Tactics games and Battalion Wars then this game would make a fantastic companion to them.

    The story is set in Europa or Europe to folks outside the game and is set around the same time as the Second World War. You are a small resistance group who will fight to the bitter end to ensure the safety of your friends, family and rid the country of the opposing threat.

    The artwork is truly unique and will either love it like myself or hate it but I truly believe it is the best sort of graphics seen even topping The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker. It blends in really well with the game and the reason the SEGA team opted for this approach was to gain your attention of the characters rather than focusing on the horrors of war which to me is an admirable approach.

    The actual game play itself pits your team against the enemy opposition where you will have an objective, whether it be eliminating a certain person or conquering a piece of land you have to use your army to quell the oppositions. You have a range of different soldiers at your disposal which include Scouts, Engineers, Snipers, Tank Drivers and more which all have unique skills which you must use to your advantage.

    Now to those who like collecting trophies sadly will be left disappointed as this game didn't have enough time to implement them at launch however that isn't to say they may release a patch for it though but fingers crossed and they will as I would like to see what sort of unique challenges would be set.

    Overall this game is a real underdog considering a lot of the main stream games are released at the same time of this game but if you own a PS3 I would heavily recommend this game or at least try the demo out and see what you think as I think it is a true gem of a game!

  5.  Little Big Bundle Of Joy!


    Having been granted a Beta key I have been enjoying what can be no less than a total refreshment to entire gaming franchise.

    Little Big Planet is an absolute joy to play, with really imaginative levels not only by the creators but by everyone who plays the game too! Ranging from Bank Heists, Sackboy Tetris, to Rocket Skateboard races the possibilities really are endless when it comes to Little Big Planet.

    Stephen Fry narrates this game and it has to be said that he does a perfect job of capturing the Little Big Planet vibe and delivers a mighty fine performance.

    For creating a level, you simply use the tools which you obtain by playing the game. They include really helpful tutorials so it reduces the chances for you to go wrong and it's a great introduction into understanding how to create new and exciting levels and items.

    To me this is the game that will want people buying a PS3 for. A great game for children and adults alike this game will be around for an incredible length of time.

    Many thanks to Media Molecule and Sony for developing a truly wonderful game.

  6.  A Zelda Game To Remember


    Hats off to Nintendo once more.

    They have wisely decided to use the same art style from the Wind Waker game which I simply adore so it immediately won me over. Not only that but it continues the story from the Wind Waker too!

    The game basically starts you off on the pirate ship in hunt of of the mysterious Ghost Ship. Tetra (Zelda) jumps aboard but something nasty happens and you are left trying to find her again. The graphics are great when you take in to the fact that it's the DS powering it. The controls are brilliant and so easy to use and navigate around.

    The same traditional items and monsters are still present with a few new ones chucked in for good measure. The story is rather linear but can be forgiven though as the story is gripping and keeps you wanting to play it.

    Not only that but you can also connect online and play a mini game against opponents which is rather enjoyable to be honest and the competition is fierce!

    I really hope Nintendo continue this tradition though as the cell shaded side of Zelda is great and too good to drift away.

  7.  A True Nintendo Gem


    This game is brilliant. From the get go you are amazed with the simplistic controls that utilize the Wii remote effectively and the game itself is bright, colorful and most importantly fun!

    Each zone is detailed incredibly well and you can also have a friend help you out while you control Mario by collecting gems and preventing nasty obstacles from hurting you.

    The actual story itself is rather weak and of course very predictable with Peach being kidnapped by Bowser but as you play the game the story doesn't matter at all and just achieving the target set is all that matters.

    I again have praise for Nintendo with the music and traditional sound effects you come to expect from the many foes Mario faces. It really does suit the style of play.

    The game itself can be played out for a very long time if you wanted to collect all the stars and for the more casual gamer you can breeze through the game with relative ease and face off against Bowser in the final without becoming bored or frustrated so it caters to both parties here.

    The only criticism I have would be that Nintendo are going to have to pull out an ever better Mario title next time as they really did their homework with this one rekindling the love and admiration they got from Mario 64 and making this game 10 times better than that.

    Quite simply if you own a Wii then there is no reason at all that this game shouldn't be in your collection.

  8.  Fits Like A Charm


    I've been looking to upgrade my MacBook for awhile now and decided to purchase this memory as not only is it cheap but it's from a trusted brand.

    The memory itself arrived and I simply unplugged the battery pack and fitted the memory in and voila! An extra 1GB of memory which will last me for a good year (hopefully!). Also the MacBook read the memory with no trouble at all.

    I would recommend this memory to anyone looking for a good reliable piece of memory for your Apple computer.

  9.  Perfect Memory Card


    It's rather hard to write a great review when it's a memory card. However this card has served me for almost a year now and I've had no trouble at all with it.

    If your thinking about buying this card please ensure you check your device is compatible with it as many on here have rated it down saying it doesn't work when in fact it works perfectly fine provided your piece of equipment can actually read it.

    Congratulations to Play.com though as this card has been insanely cheap for a long time now and is a no hassle product.

  10.  Such A Shame


    Build your own lightsaber? Sounds very tempting right?

    Considering MR's have done a grand job with the FX range you would feel confident that this would be a great piece of kit...sadly it falls way short of the standard they are known for.

    Firstly being able to change the colour to either Red, Blue or Green is a great touch and to be fair when you switch the colour over it does without any trouble. However the actual light is very weak. What I mean by this is the light only has enough strength to power around half the lightsaber and even when you dim the lights it makes it look worse. I'm not sure whay MR decided to use this but they should of stuck with how they powered the FX lightsabers.

    Next is the actual parts where you can customise your lightsaber. Some are metal and some are plastic, now I'm sure every here would rather have them be all consistent and to be fair I would of glady paid more for having each part of the kit in solid metal. Also another negative is that when you do finally construct your lightsaber all of the parts that fit on it are loose and feel really tacky. Again its another shame on MR.

    If you have been a fan of the FX range then my advice would be to steer well clear of this particular one and hopefully we can all forget about it as it's by far the worst one created but one that had the most potential to be the greatest.