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  1.  Great Attention To Detail


    This statue is a lot bigger than I expected!

    When it arrived it is in a Zelda themed box which has Link's back story with regards to Majora's Mask.

    As the statue itself it arrives in 3 pieces. The base, Link himself and the last part is his Sword. This is all easy enough to assemble and there is no need for any glue and it just slots together nicely.

    If your a fan of the Zelda franchise like myself then this statue will certainly not let you down and will be a great addition to any collection.

  2.  Very Original And Enriching Game


    The Eye Of Judgment is a stepping stone towards the 3D chess board seen in Star Wars saga and when you first summon your card you will be amazed at how it's possible and you can interact with the monster itself and when you scan the card until the scope part you can read an in depth story behind the monster etc which is a great little feature in itself.

    The game comes with a brand new Playstation Eye and a stand so you can mount the camera on it to aim towards your game board which you also get provided to you. Also included is the starter deck and a booster pack which has a random assortment of 8 cards inside it.

    I have to admit the game can get expensive especially if you are collecting the entire set but in terms of TCG's it is a fair price and on par with others.

    This is a great game to play with friends or family and also comes with the online option which prevents people "stacking" their deck or in other words cheating so you do get a fair game with opponents, unless they decide to be a sore loser and disconnect on you!

    The only reason this game does not receive the 5 star treatment though is down to the Playstation camera and cards not always registering which is mainly down to the lighting conditions of your house but not only that you could be playing a great game and then all of a suddden have half of your cards go missing on the camera and it does ruin things from time to time.

    Also this month (March) is the arrival of set 2 which is a good indication that the series is doing great and with set 3 being confirmed as well the future looks bright for The Eye Of Judgment!

  3.  Heavenly Good Fun


    The first thing you will notice when you play this game is the beautiful graphics. After that you are plunged straight into wave upon wave of fights which do require skill and timing rather than just plain old button mashing to progress.

    The story line itself is interesting and entertaining which will make you want to keep progressing through and the use of the six axis motion controller is used when firing projectiles towards your foes or when you get tossed up into the air which is a nice touch to be honest.

    To make you keep playing this game rather than complete it once and then for it to collect dust the guys that created Heavenly Sword have created a rating system upon how elegantly and efficiently you fought against your enemies and the better you do the more exclusive content (artwork, behind the scenes etc) you unlock which means you would be going back to certain levels trying and trying again to get the maximum rating.

    Granted there is no online play but in my opinion the game can hold it's own enough to warrant no online play. I mean sure Co-op offline or online would be a blast but that would interfere with the storyline too much and to me that is what keeps you playing this game.

    So in my opinion if you want to see the early stages of how powerful the PS3 can be, especially on the final showdown chapter of this game I would heavily recommend this game.

  4.  Excellent In Every Way


    When it was time to purchase a new camera I wanted to push the budget and get a decent one and I can tell you now I am seriously glad I purchased this particular camera.

    The camera layout is great and is very user friendly so you don't have to read through a 200 page manual to know how to take a simple picture and view it afterwards.

    One of the modes on the camera will do all of the hard work for you to obtain the perfect picture, what I mean by this is the camera itself will eradicate any red eye, any blurring on the image so that in return the picture itself will be incredibly sharp and detailed and will not have you trying 5 times to get that perfect shot of your friends, family, landscape etc.

    Also the LCD screen on the back is massive and bright so you can easily tell whether or not you wish to keep the image without squinting at the screen. The Zoom is plentiful and you can easily take close up shots (handy for baby photos!) without losing any quality.

    This camera accepts the latest SD memory card which is SDHC which Panasonic also sell but Play themselves also sell for a very good price. The battery life is also good and reliable on this camera and the charger comes equipped in the box.

    It takes something very special for me to give maximum marks but this camera has exceeded my expectations and as a result definitely deserves the 5 Star rating.

  5.  Domo A Go Go!


    Having received one of these through the post, the furry Weetabix is a true little bundle of joy.

    He catches everyones attention and when asked about I often find those same people looking for him on the Internet and then fall in love with guy within a few minutes!

    The actual quality of the product is great for the pricetag, although I wouldn't recommend him as a keychain as this particular Domo Kun is rather large so he stays on my desk at work for everyone to admire!

  6.  Final Fantasy With A Twist


    A very addictive and a thoroughly enjoyable game, the obvious things are included like jobs and races which have been used in previous Final Fantasy stories are here.

    As the battle system, it's actually a grid system where you move your characters around on a grid based system and wipe out foes who stand in your way. When you first play this game you are greeted to an excellent tutorial which explains the battle system very well.

    The story of course is griping like the majority of Square's titles and includes the country of Ivalice which has been used by Final Fantasy XII.

    As for survivability it's definetly worth the pricetag. Not only is there a main story for you to follow but a ton of sub-quests for you to embark on which grant you extra weapons and characters.

    To round it up, this game is great, it has all the traditional Final Fantasy bits in there that all fans of the series love and it can work for people who have never played a Final Fantasy gamne before as it's a relatively new battle system that other games havn't really explored in.

  7.  Nothing More Than Average


    The storyline is interesting at first but after awhile it starts to lose interest and the momentum slows down.

    The battle system is OK, but the grid system itself can be slow and annoying to navigate around.

    The problem with this game is it's competitors (like Final Fantasy) have evolved while this one has had no progression at all.

    It's not an awful game by any means but as all RPG's go spending a lot of time on them you need a great storyline to carry your interest through it and this one dies out just after halfway and the characters lose their identity.

    This game certainly had potential but lacks that extra factor to make it a decent RPG to remember.

  8.  Point And Click Meets The Courtroom


    This DS game by Capcom is great and throughly enjoyable game.

    Basically you are a Lawyer who goes by the name of Phoenix Wright who has to uncover clues and motives to defend your client in court.

    It's packed with action and funny quotes and the added feature of yelling Objection down your DS to cut of the prosecutor and gain the advantage in court adds that extra feeling of being a lawyer.

    Once you start playing this game you will not want to stop until you client is cleared and to do that you must provide evidence and find contradictions in peoples testimonies to uncover the truth.

    The only negative I can draw up from this game is once I finished playing with it I really didn't want to go back to it again as there is no alternative story lines to go along.

    Overall a truly great game with action left, right and center. Not many have heard of this game but it's definitely worth trying out on your DS.

  9.  Old School Revamped To Perfection


    Nintendo has created the perfect classic game.

    When you think Mario you think of the old classic left to right completion and warp tubes and goomba's and all the other funky memories.

    Nintendo have actually built on those memories and have released an absolute gem. Not only is it better looking graphically but everything you ever remembered of the Mario series is included and looks and sounds great!

    It adopts the same approach to the old Mario 3 on the NES where you travel along certain worlds progressing with each stage trying to save the Princess and you can uncover alternative paths to reach hidden worlds.

    The soundtrack will have you humming along and with some of the classics included as well I'm sure it will rekindle your love for the Italian plumber.

    There is one only one problem I found with this game it was the lack of Yoshi his beloved dino munching team mate, but to be perfectly honest the game is fun enough for him to be omitted.

    Overall if you own a DS you should have a copy of this game as Nintendo really did deliver on this title.