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  1.  chilling and fantastic!


    If there is nothing in this book that disturbs you then you are either not reading it correctly or are deficient in normal human emotion.
    Brilliantly written, the most chilling thing about this book is its plausibility - this could happen, a thought that left me cold with dread!
    For a casual reader not the easiest story to get into but if that is the case i suggest watching the john hurt version of the film - this is quite faithful to the book and captures the atmosphere perfectly, after this try reading it again.
    For 'serious readers' i found myself sucked in immediately (i had watched the film so was familiar to the plot) i couldnt put it down!
    Absolutely wonderful in every way and i think it should be on gcse or even a-level english literature curriculum!

  2.  fantastic


    An absolute gem of a book - yes it is for children but gives an uncompromising look at the reality of the harsh cruelty of nature - these rabbits are gassed, snared, shot and are torn to pieces by cats dogs and other rabbits.
    On another level there is a delightful mysticism to the rabbits' lives fiver their seer can predict infalliably when something bad is going to happen
    They also have their own religion, myths and folklore which are nothing short of fascinating. Adams also delves into the issues and dangers of totalitarian societies. So there is something in here for everyone young and old i have adored this book - and it must be said the classic film since childhood and should be a staple for all 7-10 year olds

  3.  did i miss something?


    As a rule i dont usually pay for films with as much hype as this one had, this one was no exception i watched it on a movie channel and was disappointed even by my low expectations! The idea itself was not the issue nor the format - i happened to rather enjoy blair witch, however i like a film to at leased make a little sense when it has finished, the was little or no plot - or rather there were about 3 or 4 intermingled storylines based on various perspectives and only one of them was followed - the one which explains the leased, there were several rather large questions which were left unanswered - what was the monster? Where did the monster come from? What happened to the monster? Were there survivers? And several others. Disappointing throughout cant think of anyone who would enjiy this film!

  4.  beautiful


    Wonderful story beautifully and imaginatively written but without the sickly sweet nonsense you often get in a disney live action film - i still get a lump in my throat over the swamp scene (those who know the film will remember the horror of that first viewing!) has the feel of a jim henderson classic with the puppets but they are unique and wonderful in their own ways! I would recomend this film to anyone with children up to the age of around 10 - definately if your fed up of watching the rubbish they seem to be churning out for kids now, in the end you just cant beat well told classic fantasy! I cannot think of a single bad point to this film and am awaiting my copy with baited breath!

  5.  worth a look


    any vampire enthusiast will find this show entertaining if somewhat lacking in depth, Kyle is very well cast the best actor in the show and has the perfect look for a vampire (very hot!). unfortunately if you are familiar with mythology from various cultures then the plots are a little predictable, however if you are less than familiar then the plots may well keep you guessing! the style adopted for the vampires will be very well known to anyone familiar with Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles (a MUST read!) i happen to love this romantic view of the vampire as well as the more traditional styles (Dracula, Nosferatu etc). all in all i would recomend you to watch the show before you buy just to make sure you enjoy it as much as i do