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  1.  Excellent device


    Figured everyone needs a more informative customer review so here it goes! This truly is a class leading mobile phone with endless features, the pros include:

    + Amazing retina screen, the quality is superior to anything else on the market

    + Proper iPod in your phone - in my opinion, the best music players out there

    + Superb build quality consisting of metal and glass, although I would 100% invest in a case!

    + One of the best 5MP cameras on the market, it has replaced my dedicated compact camera

    + Great HD video recording

    + A massive, endless selection of apps for literally everything from the Apple App Store - the largest of it's kind in the world

    + Great quality games available, as a comparison the graphical capabilities match dedicated handheld gaming machines

    + Syncs perfectly with iTunes

    + Great virtual keyboard which I can type faster on than with my BlackBerry

    On other hand...

    - Battery life isn't brilliant, expect to charge every night

    - For the price, it's core function is somewhat lacking, signal is mediocre and many other handsets get signal where the iPhone doesn't e.g pubs, cinemas, clubs however this hasn't represented a huge problem for me

    - The device is very fragile!

    Overall, the iPhone is an expensive device, but it's also very impressive doing whatever you can throw at it with ease. The operating software (iOS) is incredibly intuitive and easy to use and I can honestly say it's the best phone I have ever had. If you are in the market for a top end smart phone, I would thoroughly recommend the iPhone 4.

  2.  Excellent hardware


    Good points:
    - Best camera on ANY phone, better than my compact camera.
    - Good HD video recording.
    - Very solid build quality, good aluminium unibody and nice finish.
    - Very good, bright screen.
    - Good graphics on games.
    - Responsive touch screen.
    - Brilliant sat nav, free for life with Ovi Maps.
    - Excellent battery life.
    - Outstanding call quality, more than you can say for certain other smartphones...

    Bad Points:
    - Somewhat outdated operating system, not as slick as others.
    - Ovi Store has quite a few good games and apps, but is limited in comparison to others.
    - Could do with processor upgrade, occasional lag.
    - Lack of portrait QWERTY keyboard.

    It's a question of hardware or software, you won't get a better phone in terms of hardware but there are easier to use and 'better looking' operating systems out there other than Symbian 3. For me it's a great phone, main problem is the QWERTY keyboard issue but that is going to be resolved with the Symbian Anna update coming to this device - nicer icons, improved maps, portrait QWERTY, improved browser etc.

  3.  Great price.


    Great price for this car holder, although not sure whether I would pay the full RRP. Despite it being plastic it feels well built, it is easy to use and holds the Nokia N8 device very firmly and securely. It is also very easy to take the device in and out of the holder. I would definitely recommend for any Nokia N8 user wanting to use their device as a car Sat Nav, very satisfied.

  4. Michael


    Michael Jackson - CD

    31 New from  £1.35  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.29



    Personally, I think the reviews should focus on the music rather than ridiculous conspiracy theories propelled into the limelight by fame hungry relatives looking to make a quick buck. And let's remember that articles by various journalists can never be considered reliable, people are always misquoted and things that have been said are twisted and manipulated.

    Whether or not the tracks should have been released is irrelevant and should not reflect your rating - the quality of the music on this album is undeniable. Great catchy pop and R&B songs, soulful ballads and all very well produced with greats such as Teddy Riley (Dangerous) working on various songs.

    My personal favourites are Hollywood Tonight, Keep Your Head Up, Monster, Best Of Joy, Breaking News and Behind The Mask. The fact that this selection consists of most of the album is testament to it's quality. The songs span from the 70's to just months before Michael's tragic death (Best of Joy).

    Despite being a life long MJ fan I recommend anyone who loves music should give this album a listen. Sure, the songs aren't as polished and perfect as what we would expect from him when he was alive, but they are absolute gems even in their raw form that would not have seen the light of day. A great album but not exactly on par with any of his greats, but what album has ever topped MJ?

  5.  Great little mouse!


    This is a great little mouse at a brilliant price. Got it for my MacBook and it's perfect for laptops/netbooks, it's nice, small and comfortable in the hand. It also seems to be of a better quality than others in the price range. I haven't give 5stars as I've only had it a while!

  6.  Great game, but some serious issues!


    First and foremost, this is a great and addictive game, one of a kind on the Xbox 360 platform - there were no half decent management/simulation type games before this! Graphics are excellent, gameplay is good although at first somewhat overwhelming with a poor tutorial, music can get repetitive. Overall, you should get hours upon hours out of this game!

    However, there are some rather appalling issues with saving games. You can save at any point but if you save a game over a previous save or even try to save a large built up island, then the odds are that you will never be able to access it again - this has ruined the whole experience for me. It is a wide spread problem but the developers/publishers have so far refused to acknowledge it!

  7.  Perfect.


    I have to say that once you've had Mac, you really will never go back! The operating system is far superior in every way, and simple to use - I got used to the system within an hour and I've been using Windows all my life. The graphical capabilities are brilliant for a laptop, just as an example it plays the Sims 3 great on pretty high settings.

    This white MacBook has almost identical spec to the MacBook Pro which costs around £200 more, only difference being the shell. Personally I prefer the white poly carbonate design of this MacBook, it has a classic yet timeless look and I'm in love with it!

    The keyboard is brilliant, webcam built-in is good, decent sound quality. Buy a MacBook, you will not regret it!

  8.  Best Sims game yet, with some minor flaws


    First and foremost, lets set a few things straight. People should not be citing a 'lack of furniture and hairstyles' as a reason for a negative review of this game. Cast your mind back to 2004 when the Sims 2 was first released, we just have to wait for expansion packs! Yes, this is EA milking the franchise for all its worth but what's new? Also, the reason for poor running of the game is either your system is simply not good enough or you may need to close programmes or perhaps install graphics software. I have a pretty low spec system compared to today's standards (bought in 2004) but I am now running the system pretty well on medium graphics settings which is certainly suffice. To do this, I downloaded the 'ATI Catalyst control center' and it was simply a case of sliding the bars to reduce performance whilst increasing maximum graphical capability - simple. However, this is for computers with ATI graphics cards and therefore, is entirely dependent on you having such a card - for other brands I can't help, sorry! I also had a problem of the game running very slowly. There was a simple solution, I closed down all the programmes that were running, including my anti-virus software which was using a lot of memory and slowing the system down.

    I should move on to the game now! The Sims themselves are a little disappointing graphically with not a great deal of detail. Some people say they look like demented dolls, I can see where they are coming from, but they're not too bad! One great new feature is the ability to customise practically everything in the game - hair, walls, floors, furniture, cars - you name it! There is less of a focus on needs than in the previous games with icons popping up when a particular need is low - a welcome addition. The neighbourhood is much larger and more impressive than in TS2 but it offers less customisation e.g. you cannot place a lot wherever you like. Another new feature which you may like or dislike is story mode in which all households age at the same time which I personally like as its more realistic. Overall, there seems to be much more detail within this game than it's predecessor, its hard to explain in words but there's so much more to do and it's overall a more complex and enjoyable game. Some other great features are the new personality traits which ensures every Sim is an individual and a wider variety of body shapes and sizes. One final aspect which I should mention is that there are no loading screens when visiting lots, which is great!

    Overall, I would thoroughly recommend this game, its highly addictive - especially to Sim geeks such as myself! Just remember that even if your graphics card is 'compatible' with the game, that is in no way a guarantee that you can run it at a decent speed with average graphics. My advice is to have a play around as I described and if that doesn't work you'll have to buy a new graphics card or upgrade in other areas! If you have a relatively new PC you shouldn't have too much bother. To conclude, its not quite as impressive as the Sims 2 but it's definitely still a must have title!


    Graphics - 7/10
    Gameplay - 9/10
    Lasting appeal - 8/10

    Overall - 8/10

  9.  Great album, ignore the critics!


    This is one of the most under-rated albums out there! Contrary to critics there are many great songs on this album, michael's voice seems as powerful as it ever was. Some particularly good tracks are 'butterflies', 'whatever happens' and 'break of dawn'. A few of the songs have a somewhat forced contemporary element to them such as 'heartbreaker' and 'unbreakable' but in my opinion, they're still pretty good tracks. I was quite disappointed when first listening to the album way back in 2001 but believe me, it grows on you! At the price play are selling this album, it's a bargain! Thoroughly recommended, especially for mj fans such as myself.

  10.  Brilliant!


    This is an outstanding title, it's pretty much perfect! The graphics are bright and appealing, it works great with the DS controls and ergonomics. Game play is brilliant, there's a large variety of your favourite characters and lot's of tracks to choose from. Multiplayer is particularly fun, I've used DS download play with this title and was thoroughly impressed. The game appeals to all ages, I'm 17 years old myself and I would recommend it to anybody!