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  1.  Better than the average roleplayer


    I'm really enjoying this game; i hadn't really heard of it until i saw it in my local games shop yesterday, but the idea of a roleplayer by Square without all that tedious turnbased gameplay really appealed. It isn't a revolutionary game, the graphics aren't jawdropping, and the voiceacting can be iffy, but it's very enjoyable, and the realtime combat is a refereshing change. Plus the bosses aren't infuriating, a first for Square!
    For £29.99 it's a great buy.

  2.  Wish you would despatch the thing!


    I'd love to be able to say i'm enjoying the game but unfortunately it's been well over 48 hours and it's still in the "packing" phase, even though you have taken the money out of my bank account. I doubt i'll buy anything else from the site, this happens once too often.

  3.  One of the most worthwhile purchases you can make..


    Whether you've got a DS, Wii, or both, this is an excellent purchase. Like the other reviews have said, the signal is great throughout the house, and it is so simple to install on the PC and use. Thoroughly recommended (when it's not out of stock eep lol) Jx

  4.  That extra year to fix the game didn't help, eh?


    Big dissapointment. Nice enough graphics, but the plot (such as it is) is a garbled mess, the game has a weird "Cross between Halflife 2, Prince of Persia, and The Matrix" style vibe going on, and the whole main gimmick has been done better by other games, maaaany many times. Buy The Orange Box instead, for God's sake.

  5.  Whatever happened to the heroes?


    This is an incredibly stylish game, that manages to poke fun at videogame conventions while also being a bizarre cross between Jet Set Radio, Grand Theft Auto, and Shadow Of The Colossus(!), and is infinitely more enjoyable than Suda51's previous Nintendo game Killer 7. And quite frankly i'm releived that they concentrated on it being single player only, because i'm a bit sick of the glut of games across all formats that make basically a multiplayer game and tack on the single player as an afterthought; we don't all like going online to be sweared at by adolescents! lol Top game, 5/5

  6.  An idiot's idea of the best zombie film ever...


    Ever watched Night of the living dead (or it's remake for that matter)? or Dawn of the dead (the original NOT the remake)? Or Day of the dead? Or Land of the dead? No? Well please do; don't waste time and money on this. I love the R.E. games but this is just mixed up mishmash nonsense.

  7.  A very pleasant surprise!


    I knew that this series was a good quality one, but i did initially think this latest installment would be a bit blah; all flash and no pan. But i found myself really enjoying the gameplay again, which is in no small part thanks to the producer of the fab original being involved. And it's stunning. Oh, and Dante and Nero are fit lol Buy it!

  8. Turok


    Xbox 360

    2 New from  £32.94  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £3.21



    Alpha-male commando grunts shooting monsters; yeah, there's NOTHING else like that on the market. I don't care if this IS cheap, it's painfully average.

  9.  You had me at "Symphony Of The Night"!


    Can't wait for this; a classic Castlevania never released here before, plus it's 3d/2d-fied remake, PLUS the best Castlevania game ever, Smyphony Of The Night! Fantastic value for the price. BUY IIIIT.

  10.  Jabba The Hutt after a shower, or a service droid?


    Great double-length episode, lovely extras, and my niece is chuffed with the t-shirt! Family Guy is the only show (since 3rd Rock From The Sun) that doesn't have a bad episode, and this is no exception; it's getting a bit tiresome hearing people say how it's not funny any more, when if anything the show just gets better. I look forward to more, especially more film spoofs, as this is just brilliant.