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  1.  Light, Comfortable and well made.


    I recently purchased a new Samsung 3D television so I needed to buy some glasses. I sourced these through Google and found them on play. The glasses arrived and I followed the pairing instructions which where very simple. (Press a button for 2 seconds) the glasses paired with the tv, I then switched the tv to 3d mode and watched Sky 3D. The experience was amazing. The glasses themselves were very light and what weight that there was was spread around the head. I have used the Sony Infra red glasses and the Samsung ones were nowhere near as heavy. I watched tv for a couple of hours without getting a sore nose or head. All i can say is these glasses are amazing. the glasses can be charged off a PS3, Computer, TV or DVD player. I would definetley reccomend these glasses i would also reccomened buying them from play as i was unable to find them cheaper anywhere else.

  2.  Rubbish


    This is awful DO NOT BUY!!!!! The graphics are poor the gameplay is rubbish. this is the worst 1st person shooter on the PS3. Nowhere near as good as the first one. AVOID.

  3.  Best Fifa yet


    I made the switch from Pro Evo last year and have not been dissapointed so far. This version is very polished. The gameplay is excellent and the sound track is awesome. The be a Pro mode is a good addition. The only reason that this did not get 5 stars is because of the poor free kicks. It is virtually impossible to make them a posotive when attacking. If EA sort this out for the next version then this will be the truly finished article.

  4.  Average


    I owned the first Virtua Tennis game and i expected this version to be as fun, but i was dissapointed as this game seems to have more wrong than right.
    Predictable AI
    Slow progression up the rankings
    Average Graphics
    Lack of variety
    If you still have the original keep that one and dont upgrade.

  5.  Enjoyable Title


    This game is fairly simple but very well presented. The graphics are ok and the gameplay is easy enough to master. The only flaw is that it is very simple. It is possible to post some huge scores whilst batting. I do however think that it is the best cricket game Past or present for any format. If your a fan of cricket or just want to stick it to the Aussies again then buy this game.

  6.  Outstanding


    This game is good. The Graphics are well detailed the movement of Batman is awesome. The story line is good and it takes you into the darker levels of gotham city. Arkham asylum is well constructed with plenty of areas to explore a must have title for PS3 owners.

  7.  Pretty Good


    I eagerly awaited the release of this game as COD 4 showed the future of first person shooters on the PS3. I was not dissapointed, this game looks and sounds amazing. The graphics have improved from COD 4 which does not seem possible. The effects of explosions and smoke are simple breathtaking. When using the flame thrower and hearing the screams it gives a nice sense of reality. The game is divided into 2 campaigns which you play consecutively. The american battle in the pacific and the russians charge on Berlin. The missions are varied allowing you to fight on foot, in a plane and in tanks. This is an Excellent game and a recommended purchase, the only criticism is that the single player campaign is over 2 quickly. I have not yet played this title on line but im sure it will be as good if not better than COD 4.

  8.  Good fun, all action shooter


    This is a real good fun game. The gameplay is simple and the missions are reasonabley varied. The maps are big enough to be able to jump in a vehicle and burn around the enviroment. The ability to blow up buildings is a nice touch, knock down a wall to get at an enemy or do it just because you feel like it. The multiplayer is alot of fun. It is very hectic but it runs seamlessly. It is a little sad that there are no planes but helicopters, tanks, boats and jeeps are all their to control. All in all a very good fun shooter.

  9.  Brilliant


    This game has been a long time coming, but the wait has been worth it. The graphics are truly stunning and snake moves effortlessly around the game zone. The sound is also amazing especially when using surround sound. the gameplay itself is very good. the idea is to play most of the game undetected; however, if you are compromised there is enough scope to allow you to play as a quick FPS. As is usual with the metal gear games their is a lot of cutscenes but this time you have the ability to skip through them. All in all a truly brilliant game.

  10.  Not as good as hyped


    I eagerly awaited the arrival of the game and unfortunately it was dissapointing. The game has its good parts, using nectar and combining nectar with weapons(Knife & Grenades). The graphics are ok but they dont compare with COD4. The gameplay is also ok but its over in about 9 hours. The controls are nice and simple and you can control some vehicles overall Haze is ok but it could have been a lot better.