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  1.  Another fantastic piece of work


    I'd imagine you'd only be looking at this album if you are already a fan of Ray; personally, I love his two previous albums equally, and I think at this early stage this album is just as good. I think he has the best vocals of any artist I've ever heard, so full of depth, and this album delivers again. Possibly there aren't the instant 'singles' on this album, but there aren't any duffers either; a great 'complete' listen. If you like either of his previous work, you know what to do!

  2.  Just bad luck, or..


    maybe not. My phone, new out the box, had a faulty joystick, the buttons 2, 8 and 9 didn't work, and to round out the package, the power button was stuck on 'on', so the only way to put the thing out of my misery was to remove the battery. Needless to say it's going back and I won't be getting another.

  3.  True Classic


    I'd place this only behind 'The Dark Knight Returns' in terms of the greatest graphic novels of any genre. Superb story, wonderful artwork, great dialogue, all within a tight story (not dragged out over 200 pages). The story is adult, by which I mean it deals with the characters as real people, with conflicted emotions. The ending is the best of any graphic novel I've ever read. I've got the original edition, but I'm getting this too.

  4.  You can do better


    With Halo 3 out soon for the consoles, this is way too little to late from Microsoft. The graphics and gameplay are average at best : for console owners it might be good, but PC owners can do so much better. Play UT and Battlefield for online, and the likes of Far Cry / Half Life 2 etc for solo play.
    And making it Vista only is a complete insult; it doesn't use DX10 or anything else Vista specific.
    Finally the price is about twice what they should be trying to get away with.

  5.  Worth every penny


    I own all the Calvin and Hobbes books already, but trust me, it's worth getting this as well. Superb quality.
    A word of warning : it weighs 10kg : it is very heavy indeed and certainly not for children to manhandle.

  6.  Superb collection for a great price


    Placebo are a brilliant, sometimes underrated band with some great catchy songs, raw lyrics, great music. The vocals are easily identifiable.
    If you like this, get their latest album, Meds, which is equal to any of their other albums.