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  1.  Brilliant Comedy


    A group of desperate teenagers in high school which are obsessed with getting their end away but always manage to mess things up, its wrong in every way - very crude comedy but brilliant.

  2.  If u have his other DVD's DONT BOTHER......


    I am a big fan of peter, but i do feel this is a bit of a rip off, its just the same old -its spitting- etc. Yes he is a funny, intelligent man and does point out some of the silly things we do in life - Tenerife -- Wot time u on till etc..
    This just covers the great parts of his last dvd's and has people from the public showing how they encounter these in their day to day life. Which im sure you can all do with your own mates.
    But no new material, is he losing it?? I hope not cos i have found him really funny in the past, but not so this time round. Sorry :(
    Maybe next time??

    If you havent seen his other dvd's - buy them instead, not this one, or you may not understand how people find him funny....

  3.  Halo 3


    Storyline is near enough the same as the 1st halo. Still a great game and the graphics are to real to believe!!
    A few new weapons enable u to destroy the enemy good & proper and also a wider selection of vehicles.
    Have not yet played online, but cant wait to kick some ass!!
    4/5 because story was a bit of a let down, but graphics made up for that.

  4.  Its a goal!!


    Not really into football games but had this free with the console. Found it frustrating @ 1st, but once i got the hang of it found it addictive. Took me ages to score a goal and even longer to win a match, once u get into it though its simple to do the basics, but then i still havnt managed the proper skill moves yet - these look very impressive and even better when u pull them off & score a goal.
    Rated 4 because its addictive, got great graphics and has got me into sports sims, but like i said it frustrating if ure not a regular player of fifa.

  5.  High Quality & good price - Buy from here!!


    Dont make the same mistake as me....
    I bought a "science museum" copy of these from Argos for £8, the first one lasted about 1 hour after taking it upto only 9000rpm and then the display stopped working and it became very rough, i took it back and got another one - the same thing happened. Got a refund from Argos and purchased the Powerball Neon Blue Pro from Play.com -

    I was not dissapointed:-

    Very smooth action which is quite relaxing at slow speeds and very intense at higher speeds.

    The Display screen is of much higher quality compared to the cheap imitation.

    Much better "grip" on the rubber ring around it - the cheaper ones had a hard plastic around it, which gave some serious cuts and blisters after a short period of time.

    Lights look good, better in a dark room.

    I found it easy to use from my first go, i have watched others try it and they do struggle at first, but once they get it going they dont want to give it me back!!

    Go on buy it, you know you want to!!