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  1.  A Sequel That Probably Shouldn't Have Been Made


    The original Swan princess movie was without a doubt wonderful, and the 2 sequels that followed weren't all that bad either, but to make a 4th film 14 years after the last film really isn't making Richard Rich look good. Yep, this, quite frankly a CGI monstrosity is directed by the same man who brought us the previous 3 movies. My god, I thought Swan Princess was laid to rest the way it was, but nope.
    The animation is very sub standard. The plot is kinda poor, the songs aren't all that bad I guess, but I can't get over the animation. If you loved the original film, then I'm sorry Mr Rich, but fans should avoid this movie like plague. I just hope that this isn't the start of the return of Swan Princess films, because if so, we're looking at something worse than the Land Before Time film series. And i actually LOVE the LBT movies, even as the animation got cheaper!

  2.  Truly Remarkable Viewing


    Away from the silliness of Top Gear, Richard Hammond always manages to get these great documentary gigs. In this 3 part show, we get to see amazing things that scientists have adapted from nature. From a blind man being able to ride a woodland trail on a bike to dropping a light bulb from space to explain how a woodpecker can handle the G-force of it's head hitting a tree, this show will amaze you. Much can be learnt from this, and there's still so very much more to be discovered.

  3.  Awesome Film But Very Poor UK Release


    As usual, the UK gets a half arsed release of a Disney Classic. Whilst every country around us gets a '35th Anniversary' release with the 'Down Under' sequel attached, we instead get this shoddy release of only the first film with the recycled cover art from the old DVD release.

    Awesome film, I don't deny it that, but being such a poor release type, I refuse to buy it.

  4.  The Classic, The Not So Good, And The great Follow Up


    Without a doubt, the original Cinderella has all the charm and great story that you would expect of Disney. The extras added to this set include the Short follow up to Disney's last film 'Tangled' that is 'Tangled Ever After'. If you bought the previous special edition DVD from 2005, you'll find the same extras are included and more!
    The two direct-to-video sequels that had followed in in the 2000s are both on the same disc and the extras, if you bought them on DVD before, haven't changed.
    The second film was a TV series pilot that didn't happen. The animation is cheaper and there's 3 mini-plots to it.
    The third film was what really should have been the only sequel. With better animation, a great plot and amusing scenes, it was one of the better of Disney's long direct-to-video saga.
    Overall, I'm glad I bought this set and would happily reccomend to any Disney fan.

  5.  'Time To Do Something Useful'


    Away from Top Gear where things always catch fire or blow up, James finally gets to build things that are genius and actually work. From building his very own bar to developing a low toilet roll emergency alarm, James and his team (of men and women) go forth and do things you wouldn't even imagine doing. Building a kitchen work top out of concrete? On Man Lab, it's possible! A great series that once again helps James spread his wings and do what Top Gear won't allow him.

  6.  The Classic Telling Of Dr Seuss


    The old traditional animated version of Dr Seuss' classic story. It stays as true to the book as possible and comes with the expected Seuss rhymes in a 25min short film. Also comes with added short films 'Butter Battle Book' and 'Pontoffel Pock And His Magic Piano'.

  7.  Invasion Of Squid Girl!


    She's here to punish humans for pollution and she's not that very good at it. Another bizarre idea from Japan that whilst it seems to be a show with the usual enviromental message, it's also filled with hilarity and loveable characters. De-geso!

  8.  Don't say 'si', say 'Oui'!


    Finally on DVD, the classic cartoons of the bumbling Inspector and the Ant and Ardvark. Free from the world of today's political correctness, these timeless classic cartoons are a laugh a minute.

  9.  Another Miyazaki Classic


    Inspired by the book by Mary Norton, Miyazaki along with the Studio Ghibli team give us a new version of the story about the secret little people and the leading character, Arrietty's friendship with a human. The animation is beautiful, the voice acting is great in both the English and Japanese dubs, and there's also wonderful music by French musician, Cecile Corbel.

  10.  It's So Pink! Yet Fabulous!


    After the madness that was High School Musical, the spinoff story of Sharpay Evans is a delight. It has a good plot, good moral for kids about doing it your way to reach your dreams, and all without having to break out into song every 2 minutes. As someone who often dislikes the obsession Disney currently has with 'Tween pop' stuff, I'm glad I took a chance and watched this. Ashley Tisdale is a very talented actress, and had more opportunity to spread her wings with her own movie.