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  1.  2 things


    1. stop moaning about the prices its a rare game so people have the right to sell their game for whatever they want 2. this is a good game the people who dont rate this are just rubbish at the game get a grip, i know this isnt most helpful review but it had to be said, thanks



    Hi, i had to write this review just to say this guy cudnt be more wrong, Dynasty Warriors 7 rules, story mode is excellent & so is conquest mode, this game will last you ages!!! so much to do its unreal, graphics are excellent, the weapons, even the seige weapons, musou is good aswel, you can kill even more soldiers than before, also with proper dlc coming out it prolongs the game, hope this helps people looking for a better review

  3.  Demo


    I saw videos of this game and was looking forword to playing this demo, this game is very good, graphics have been inproved, combat has been given an overhaul (although combat was very good in Origins), all the presentation looks so much better, colourful & easier to understand, simple but effective i say. The combat isnt half turn based like Origins was its faster paced like the Fable series & have to think a bit quicker on your feet also like Origins you can bring up your radial menu & make tactical decisions there, the voice acting is excellent & now the main character has a voice!. The story doesnt solely carry on from Origins but some snippets are in DA2 mentioning it so if you have played Origins then its a blast from the past, i dont know if ive missed anything out ( if i have askme my gamertag is BULLETPROOFSMUG). Overall this is a 5 star game and i cannot wait to get started on it & lucky if you get to buy the Signature Edition like me, enjoy the game

  4.  Cranford


    Don't think that costume dramas can be funny as well? Then think again! It'll have you laughing and crying in equal amounts.Brilliant acting from a brilliant cast. Costume dramas don't get any better than this. Totally magnificent.

  5.  The Street


    I have watched many a great drama series but nothing better than The Street. It grips you like a vice and doesn't let go till the end. Every storyline is utterly riveting with brilliant acting.If you haven't watched any of The Street Series you don't know what your missing.Brilliant,Magnificent,Superb.

  6.  The guy below me lol


    The reviewer below has no idea what he is on about for 1 this is the same guy that gave damnation 5 stars. I begin that G.I Joe the gameplay is fun for a while but the graphics are far from good, looks like a HD ps1 game and thats a compliment storys not that exciting but there are a lot of characters to unlock and theres achievements, so the only good things about this game are that its a fun shooter for a while and theres achievements other than that dont buy full price, wait until the price drops to erm.... 5 quid maybe not even that

  7.  Excels 1st one but 1st one was still good


    This game is really good, its a lot more polished like better visuals, effects etc, also in this game you get to fight colossal gundams that stand 5 times taller than you do, there a tough one alright. This game looks to have a good lifespan so i would reccommend this to a DW: Gundam fan

  8.  good game


    It is a great game alot of fun worth the money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  9.  Mixed reaction


    Hi people, i just thought i would review this game. I just completed this game on normal difficulty, i gave this game 3 stars because it has its good points and bad points, good points: 10 Missions which isnt bad for a less major game each mission will last between 20 and 40 mins, depends if you just rush through it or take your time, this game is a creepy game - in the heart of the vietnam jungle, you also go into temples, schools, mansions etc so theres variation to the places you go.

    The enemies will sometimes just come out of nowhere so it makes you jump which i really like, in some parts its essential that you use your flashlight cos its dark. The graphics are ok, 7 outta 10 for me, the sounds, music are decent enough as well so 7 outta 10 for me again, lifespan i also gave a 7 cos you can get achievements for completing it on different difficulties, various gun achievements etc.

    The problems with this game was the ai wasnt the best cos the odd time if you shoot an enemy in the leg it has no effect and sometimes will hide behind explosive barrels lol but the enemy is plentful so you wont have to worry about being able to cap some in the head lol. Someparts of the game will test you if your doing the game on normal or hard difficulty and will require you to be accurate with your weapon.

    I hope this review helps my gamertag is bulletproofsmug so add me if you want to ask me sumfin, thanks

  10.  Da best


    The nintendo wii is the best console ever its so fun and it has great fantastic games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!