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  1.  Bloody Brilliant!!!


    This is an outstanding album!! These days when u buy albums there are a few songs you don't like but this isn't the case with this album, every song is brilliant!
    This is an extremely talented band, with some very good songwriting, and hilarious lyrics especially the hidden track about Micahela Strachan - absolute genius!!
    This cd will be in your cd player for a long time, buy it now, there is 11 absolutely brilliant catchy upbeat songs that are definately worrth your money!

  2.  Fantastic!


    This film follows the Queen as she goes into hiding during the week after Diana's death. It is poignant, well directed and very well wriiten.
    Helen Mirren depicts the Queen in such an outstanding way, she is so suited to the role, and it is quite scary at how alike she looks to the Queen!
    There is also an outstanding performance from Martin Sheen as Tony Blair, who has just become Prime Minister and is doing everything in his power to convince the country that their Queen has not let them down.
    This is a very well written docu-drama, which raises a few questions as to what the Royals really thought of Diana but also portrays them in a different light. Definately worth watching. Highly recommended!

  3.  High School Musical 2 is back with a bang!!!


    This sequel to the massive High School musical is full of fun! Its got super catchy songs loadsa dancing and is super cheesy!
    The direction of the plot is very similar to that of the first, but its a formula that works, and just as the first HSM did, the second will have you hooked from the start!
    More fun, more songs, more moves, more romance and more scheming by Sharpay!! High School Musical 2 is amazing!! Enjoy!

  4.  High School Musical is back!


    High School Musical is back with more catchy songs! This follow up to the massive High School Musical is not as good as the first, but is still really good!
    There are about 8 really really good songs on this album, mainly the Troy and Gabriella tracks and the songs in which the whole cast sings! The others are growers though!
    This is alot more grown up compared to that of the first film, there are also lots of different genres of music on this album too which is great as there is a wide variety of hip-hop, pop, pop-rock and even a hula-style song!
    The album has some very good songs, especially the Troy and Gabriella solos and their duets, theyre really great and are gonna be really popular songs!
    Stand out tracks are, What Time Is It, You Are The Music In Me, Gotta Go My Own Way, All For One and Everyday! Fabulous, and Humuhumunukunukuapua'a aren't as good as the rest of the album though.
    Overall this album is great and full of fun catchy songs, buy this album and you'll be singing the songs for days!!

  5. Frantix


    Playstation Portable

    4 New from  €25.08  Free delivery

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     Hours of fun!


    This is a great game, there are over 180 levels, but they are really short, all under 2 minutes. Some levels are super hard and some are really simple! This game requires lots of puzzle solving, and lots of logic thinking! Really fun and challenging game!

  6.  Brilliant read!


    This is a brilliantly written period piece. Sarah Waters has a distinctive writing style, extremely descriptive, sexy and witty. Follow Nan King through her journey from Whitstable oyster girl to music hall star to rent boy in the west end! A really enjoyable read!

  7.  Something new!


    This is a great television series, something really different than the usual rubbish that graces our screens! Each episode is exciting and this series is true escapism. The scenery of Africa is breathtaking.
    Great acting, great cast, great animals, great series!

  8.  Darkly beautiful!


    This film has the most stunning cinematography, it is a war story told through the eyes of a child. It is gritty, and sometimes frightening and just beautiful!
    It is an adult fairytale, brilliantly acted and directed, don't let the subtitles put you off, as they just add to the character of the film.
    A very dark yet magical film.

  9.  All Placebo's hits on one cd woo hoo!!


    Placebo are one of the most underrated bands out there, this album is a must have for any Placebo fan, all their songs on one amazing cd.
    It even features Protect Me in french, and oh my god Brian Molko's vocals are just out of this world. This is a really really great album, grab it now!

  10.  You can't go wrong!


    Now cds have been around for so long now, you can never go wrong with them, they always have the best songs from the recent months and this one is no exception.
    The Now albums have started to broaden in the genres they cover on their albums so you can guarantee there will be at least one song you love on there!! It features the huge hits of the year such as Umbrella and Foundations! A really great compilation cd!