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  1.  WoW


    Superb film, good extras and a great package.

    This film along with Transfomers and 300 is a must buy for any Blu-Ray collection.

  2.  Boggle anyone?


    This is a great film. i think this is so much better than any Will Farrel/Vince Vaughn type of film. so if you dont like that humour, you'll like this.

    BOF echoes Enter the Dragon (to a degree) and has some great laugh out loud moments. Cris walken is also excellent in his part.
    highly remomended film.

  3.  Good Stuff


    The feel of the controler is much heavier then the normal Sixaxis, but that's exprected as we've grown used to that controller. The DS3 is a great controller and you do relise what we were origionally missing and realise how great this feature is. It works well with origional games such as Res etc.

    One word of warning, to date there is no patch for COD4, so there is no rumble feature for this game. And from what i've investigated on the net, there is no plans for a patch to be released (which is stuipd, come on Infinityward, get a grip)

  4.  I play, you play, Wii play.


    As a devoted PS3 fan i was so supprised how much fun this console is. Sure it won't do anything like the stuff the PS3 can do but this is aimed at a different market. The family market. It is a great game system to get everyone together and interact. In contrast to the PS3 which is primaraly focused for individual play (with multiplayer interaction coming form online play).

    I've just been playing on the Wii Fit and i must say apart from it calling me overweight, (ok, i've put a stone on recently writing a thesis) i really enjoyed it. As for the other games, i do see a short shelf life, especially after mastering the game/wiimote control. But with games super cheap, who can complain.

    The Wii is a fun system, but nothing more that a second/family game system, but obviously if raw gaming power is what you are looking for then have the PS3 as your main system

  5.  WOW


    I'm a massive Floyd fan, and this is a great film with classic visial images, story and music (obviously).
    after seeing this you totally understand what's going on in the Wall album, where I was previously wondering what the hell was going on.
    top stuff

  6.  Rude, Crude, Superb


    Quality film. tkes a while to realise what's going on but the jokes are quality to make it a really enjoyable film.
    if you like the show, you'll love this

  7.  Superb


    I got this for my dad's birthday months ago when it was in the region of £35-50 (i cant remember the origional price).
    I was very impressed with the quality of the shirt. It has a quality feel and the logo on the back is a real eye catcher. I was so impressed with it i bought one and my friends think they are also high quality.
    It may beel a bit heavy when you first feel it but it's a light and for a better word "breathable" shirt that keeps you cool.

    A very high quality product, i highly recomend. i want the grey one now.

  8.  Top Stuff


    I got this for my dad for Fathers day. Having already purchased the excellent black OCC work shirt (one for him and one for me), the quality of product is superb. a great product and you will be impressed with it.
    I'll be buying more OCC clothing items.

  9.  Good stuff


    Yet again it's a good mix of old and new rock.

    i would say it;s beter than the second, but maybe not as great as the first

    still enjoyable and worth the investment.

    cant wait for rock band though, that should elevate this game series to a whole new level.

  10.  Good stuff


    THis game is really entertaining.

    i ove that it makes use of the six axis controler. the graphics are great and really makes you feel as if you are there in the game.

    downloadable content for the game is a bonus and makes the game feel fresh and an extra boost to keep you entertained and interested in the game. online gaming is also good against humans

    cant wait for motorcross 2