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  1.  Film Of The Year


    This is a great film and a brilliant story. Towards the end it all got very predictable but the acting is superb and the fight scens are pretty good too.

  2.  Boyka!


    The acting and story are OK, but the action is fantastic and Scott Adkins in this.. is a beast!

    Great film and the best of the series... so far.

  3.  Another Statham flick


    If you like Transporters you will like this. In my opinion Jason Statham need ot broaden his horizon rather than being type cast as the muscle bound gun toting ladys man.

  4. Thor



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     I really really liked it.


    The film is very funny in part and the story is solid and keeps you viewing. The acting is superb although I am not a fan of Natalie Portman.

    Thor is perfectly cast great action movie.

  5.  Hanna is awesome


    Very good film, fast furious and brilliant. Would recommend acting is suberb.

  6.  It was ok.


    Sean of the Dead is still there finest moment. Still Seth Rogen is very funny as the alien

  7.  Tom Six you are a genius... with some issues to sort out.


    First of let me start by saying this is the most sickening film I have ever seen! Why becuase it is so realsitic. The main actor is abosutely fanstastic and is not in my top 5 horror characters of all time. The graphics scenes are intense and the whole experience is magnified by the fact that is in black & white. Whether you like this film or not, you cannot help but commend the casting and production!

  8.  Love It


    This film may not be the scariest film ever made, but i do not think it intends to be. Full of Gross out horror and look aways squeemish moments, this film is a classic and a worthy addition to any DVD collection.

  9.  The most disappointing game I have every played...


    ..Not much to say. The action is good but not fluid enough. The load times are shocking and the graphics are disappointingly average. Don't get me wrong its totally playable and the Duke comedy is pure funny and constant.

    It is just not the classic I was hoping it would be.

  10.  Dwayne Johnson... You Beast!


    This film is awesome. The storyline is good and the action is thick and fast. Gets very predictable towards the end but Dwayne Johnson is emotionless and intense all the way through.. Great stuff.