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  1.  48 Episodes


    The Bill DVD Boxset is great. It has 48 half hour episodes. If your a fan of The Bill you should really get this. It is a shame that you got to wait so long between volumes but otherwise it is worth the wait. I hope the next set won't take as long.

    I hope they do as many episodes for Vol 7.....

  2.  Sir Roger is fantastic


    Bond on Bond.... great idea and even better it being Sir Roger. Having read his biography which was a page turner this one is to.

    Great stories attached with some great pictures.

    A must buy for any Bond fan

  3.  No Adele but still good.


    As the previous review says Adele's SkyFall theme isn't on this disc. However, The Casino Royale Soundtrack album does not include You Know My Name - which is the theme for Casino Royale. Adele's Skyfall is available for download as You Know My Name was made available as a Single then later added to a Best of Bond disc.

    I will expect Skyfall by Adele will be included on a Best of Bond disc in the near future. Until then download Skyfall.

  4.  What No Bond Theme!!!


    Even through I haven't got this game yet. I am very surprised and very disappointed that they haven't included the James Bond Theme. Considering it is the 50th Anniversary year they should have included it.

    Even through the recent films seem to lack it until the titles roll at the end. I hope one day they put the gun barrel part back to the beginning of the Bond Films to. As now a days it could be any old film.

  5.  Bond is back on Blu-ray


    Bond is back in action for the 50th Anniversary on Blu-ray.

    The new blu-ray set is really good. A must for any Bond Fan to have all 22 films in this collection. Yes, it has a card board cover, however, if your careful it should stay in good condition. The discs are separated into two sections 1962-1981 and 1983-2012.

    The artwork inside is very well done and the quality is a lot better.

    The best part is they have left a space for Skyfall on Blu-ray at the end of the set so as you don't have to buy another collection next year with the extra film.

  6.  So many questions....


    Doctor Who series 6 has once again delivered the now highly expected adventure/drama that was started when the new series began. Matt Smith has proven himself against David Tennant's Doctor and thanks to Doctor Who still having a great script writing team it keeps bringing up more questions and excitement through out another great series.

    In regards to the boxset, last year I got the Limited Edition Boxset and was slightly disappointed at the way it was a slim case with the way the dvd's were stored in it. This one is by far better, the extra's are great and so with the "Night and The Doctor" added scenes. Shame confidential is now just 'cut downs' like it has been on recent boxset's but otherwise worth every penny... plus great artwork and the 3d face of the silence makes this special.

  7.  fantastic


    The Bill was a great police drama, shame it lost it way recently and was axed. This was The Bill when it was going from strength to strength.

    I only hope now that it has been axed that they will get on and produce them more on dvd and give us a chance to rewatch some great acting and writing that The Bill was known for with all its gritty side to.

    It is a shame they take so long to produce these, if they were quicker I am sure they would be selling more.

  8.  Bond is Back


    I thought Quantum of Solace was good but this does beat it. I think it is due to graphics, story, driving, shooting, fighting aspect and being 3rd person. I think it is better when Bond is 3rd person. The pre-credits and titles do make you feel as you are playing a Bond movie. The cars and chases are a great addition, speeding about in the DB5 and DBS, It is really like a Bond film instead of going to the cinema, I think the one down side is when you catch the bad guy's but I won't let too much on. Otherwise fantastic and well worth the buy, For any Bond Fan and anyone who likes this type of game.

  9.  The Bill


    Being the third in the series of half hours from the begining you can see TB going from strenght to strenght with more action, more actors and dare I say it a better class of criminal for Burnside to feel the collar of.... long many they carry on releasing these old episodes.

  10.  Missing the point....


    If I could take you back to Casino Royale Bond had only just got his 00 agent status. It had more of a love theme running through it and hence he lost Vesper. If you remember they said they were re-building Bond to the man he became. This wasn't going to be completed in the one movie and thats why Quantum of Solace takes up the story as a sequel and completes the two film connection The film is centered around the action. In fact Bond does drink a Martini which he had given the name Vesper in the last film. The reason for the ending is to leave it with unanswered questions as to who is behind it and in charge of Quantum, however I think Bond had to go through the process of love and grief. We couldn't have Bond going about his business as if nothing had happened in the last film. Ok gadgets aren't there ect... but really there is enough action with the car chase/ boat chase/ roof chase ect... there was little room for such gadgets and as for the Bond girls one says there wasn't room for a love scene with her and Craig unlike Agent Fields who ends up in a typical Bond girl death. In this one there was more bits of the Bond theme not the full theme but bits intermixed with the soundtrack. I think the 3rd outting for Craig will be more different to the previous two with more like the Bond type films we know as they are slowly building it up rather then give us all the Bond mix.

    He wears his tux most of the time and even goes back to using the PPK has his handgun of choice. I can't see people back when Dr No sayin No Gadgets ect... what a crap film. I think we have been overloaded with that side and yes the Bourne films did have this type of look but you must remember if Bond wasn't made on the big screen in 1962 then the Bourne films may not have even been made as it has alot of Bond type ideas in it.

    Overall, this film has a different look and style to it. The one thing I would have to say is the title theme isn't as good as previous years.

    And one bit of advice. Re-watch Casino Royale then go and see it. You will see that the main plot lacks abit but the opened part of Casino is conluded.