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Product Reviews

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  1.  Excellent


    Martyrs is an unrelenting, brilliant and brutal horror/thriller. See this before the Americans undoubtedly butcher it in the forthcoming remake!

  2.  How far would you go?


    A bleak, but tense and engrossing revenge thriller. Very well acted and directed but upsetting at times and will make you ask yourself what you would do in the same situation as Bruno Hamel..

  3.  Excellent read


    Very clever, hilarious and the cause of many a funny look from fellow passengers on the train as I laugh out loud at Brookers brilliantly cutting, sarcastic swipe at TV. Fantastic.

  4.  We should have gone to Sunny Beach...


    Bloody brilliant stuff. Tongue in cheek and laugh out loud funny at times but with some genuinely horrific moments too! Check out the many cheeky (un-subtle) references to loads of other movies too. Really entertaining stuff, highly recommended.

  5.  Pulse


    Yet another dire Hollywood remake of a great film. It's such a shame that some people will not even entertain the thought of foreign cinema and wait for awful American remakes which generally have all the suspense and atmosphere sucked out of them (Rec, The Grudge etc) and a few girls in tight t shirts and more gore added. This film is a very poor imitation of the original.

  6.  Amazing


    I watched this film three days ago and can't get it out of my head. Beautifully shot, often sad, and brutal, I cannot wait to watch it again. Please don't be put off by the ignorant comments regarding dubbing/subtitles and add this to your DVD collection as it will be a classic.

  7.  Complete stinker


    A terrible, terrible plot, badly acted. Tries to be clever but any horror fan over the age of 13 will see right through it. Complete waste of my time and money.

  8.  Not bad


    Decent enough film with some good acting, but not as shocking as I expected after reading some of the reviews - guys, this is tame compared to some of the French horrors released in recent years- so if you are expecting anything genuinely shocking/harrowing and you are a genuine horror fan then you will be disappointed.

  9.  Brilliant


    This film had the whole cinema in stitches, totally over the top, tongue firmly in cheek and very entertaining. A must see.

  10.  Don't bother..


    Disappointing, predictable and just plain dull. Don't believe all the hype, this film is no more shocking than an episode of the teletubbies.