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  1.  This one BITES!


    I loved the original Piranha when Joe Dante brought terror and laughs when the big hole was left by Jaws (until the fairly good sequel Jaws 2 was released in the same year) The mixture of blood, boobs and fish became an instant classic. After that any movies about Piranha were (if you pardon the expression) dead in the water. Fast forward to 2010 and Alex Aja brings the fun and terror back and it was an instant success as well as bringing the fun back to 3D too. So naturally everyone was waiting eagerly for the sequel but Piranha 3DD was a tragedy from the start. First it's theatrical release date was delayed (no a good sign) The story could have been brilliant, Piranha loose in a water-park. What could go wrong?! Well everything. From the start you can tell that this is an altogether different film. This is a spoof from beginning to end and If it wasn't for the penis and boobs jokes on screen, this sequel would have been a 15. It is much more tamer than Piranha 3D. Don't get me wrong, the 3D is excellent but don't go into this expecting the gore of Piranha 3D because this is much more tamer than P3D. When the climatic attacks begins, the camera does not show very much, in fact hardly anything compared to P3D. P3D was an 18 for a reason, but without the porn like substance of P3DD, it's hard to figure out why this was an 18 because the gore is more towards the 15 area. The acting for most part was good. Danielle panabaker was good as the heroine, and the welcome inclusion of Ving Rhames as the sheriff who lost his legs in P3D gives the best laugh of the movie along with Paul Scheer. In this film it felt like the piranha weren't really that hungry. The initial bloodbath is more like a blood bubble bath, you only see a couple of really graphic ones in the WHOLE movie. personally it feels like they just said we're making this our way and stuck a middle finger at it's audience who loved the classic and P3D. In fact to tell you the truth I expected more from the creators of Saw V, VI and VII (who wrote this script) their other movie The Collector was a gruesome goody. This one should just be regarded as a full on comedy and i guess you will enjoy it, watch it as a gruesome horror (as it should have been) you will be sorely disappointed. I tried so much to like this but this to the Piranha 3D series was like Jaws 3D was like to the Jaws series. Fun but only in 3D. Like i said before this could have easily been a 15 if it had missed out the crude gags. Personally I would have prefered more pirnah chowing and ripping people to shreds than see boobs bouncing in front of the camera as well as penises.

    I tried so much to like this but this to the Piranha 3D series was like Jaws 3D was like to the Jaws series. Fun but only in 3D.