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  1.  There wasn't an option to give 6 stars!


    THIS FILM IS AMAZING- the effects, the sound track and the story line in this film are fantastic. Probably the best special effects I have ever seen in a film. The story line is fast moving and keeps you entertained, the characters are believable and deep (and sexy), the action is constant and did I mention the special effects. I cant comment on a comparrison to the original and maybe thats why I love this film so much. But ignore all negative comments this film rocked for me on many levels!



    I love the SAW franchise and unfortunately this just didnt hit the mark for me at all. the opening death scene is soooooo fake and cheesy!! 3D did nothing for this film apart from mae it look like a novelty low budget horror. dont get me wrong there are grusome death scenes that you expect from SAW and an AMAZING twist at the end, but just didnt hit the mark for me!! SAW six all the way for me!!!

  3.  good concept but still a bit of a let down


    Dont get me wrong this film is very creepy and has some very disturbing scenes, and at times is very on the edge of your seat stuff.... but is all just a little predictable. As the film progresses you can tell the ending will cumilate in a cat/mouse scenario and it just didnt hit the mark for me. creepy yes, jumpy yes but still lacks the wow factor.

  4.  great acting in a gripping but slow film


    This film was really touching, the whole cinema was in tears by the end. the film moves at a slow pace, but invites you to really gain a sense of the characters and their relationships between each other. the film builds to a climax based on their hopes and the twist is slowly discussed and is hard hitting. Your hope for the characters echoes how they feel and you truely relate to their emotions. Wonderful acting by all the cast. definately a film to watch, moving and thought provoking.

  5.  Horrific and not in a good way!!


    I saw this film at the cinema and i can honestly say it was one of the worst films i have ever seen!!!!! Ever!!! Its just rubbish, so slow, boring, poorly directed and pretty much pointless!! Naomi watts acted well thats the only saving grace for the film!!!
    Everyone was talking after the film finished and we all agreed on one thing:it was pants!!

  6.  loved it


    Ok ok, so mixed reviews noted!! But all in all this film does deliver, me and my friend are avid horror film lovers and this criteria really worked. Truely jumpy and actually frightning at times, yeah a little samey as are most horror films but it keeps u gripped throughout the film!!

  7.  oh my god!!!


    I saw this film at the cinema, and oh my it is on hell of a brutal film that leaves u shocked and open mouthed. I just kept saying...i dont know what to say!!!
    It all escaltes throughout the film from a situation we've all been in, so u can really relate to it. With the culture in the uk now, its very belivable and thought provoking!!! A good brit film, with a slightly obvious ending-but definately worth a watch!!!!