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  1.  ...phenomenal...


    this film version of channel 4 comedy was a fantasic send of too the four boys as they have now left school and to celebrate exams the boys take a lads holiday which as by the title they stick out like a sore thumb...full of laughs you'll love it

  2.  if you don't like it..tough luck


    i went to the midnight screening of the hangover and of course i was very excited and there are mixed reviews of its basically the same as the first one and its the same but its done differently and in my opinion its better. In the first one they find a tiger and in this one they find a monkey (who indeed was brilliant) and ***SPOILER*** they were drugged again but it doesn't get old they are back and indeed are infect better...and yes i would hope to see a hangover part 3 and here's hoping! Mr.Chow is back and is funnier...he is more friends with the wolfpack now but is mainly friends with alan for they had kept in touch so if your looking for a great time and go and watch it ;)

  3.  very very funny....


    i did not expect this film to be as good but i was wrong. this was probably one of the funniest films i've ever seen in my life. good story, funny lines, funny actions it was just pure class and i am going to see it again tonight .. i just loved it!

  4.  .....spellbounding .....


    the part 1 of the epic finale was absouloutly fantastic more darker of a harry potter film than ususal but it was perfect they split it perfectly in the middle so look foward to see and canit wait to the blu ray :D

  5.  too scary


    i went in thinking i wouldn't jump or scream........boy was i wrong i was affraid to go home and it definitly made me scream. very scary = very entertaining i had a good night

  6.  .....BRILLIANT.....


    I never saw this at the cinema but i was at the man utd and newcastle match so on the way home on the boat they were showing this so it was either this or the tooth fairy. this was hilarious, Tracey morgan and Bruce willis are the perfect cops but the funniest man in this was non other than Sean william scott, he was so funny no matter what he said i was in stitches so don't listen to the bad reviews just buy it and be amazed. kevin smith well done

  7.  ....... WORTH THE WAIT ........


    this is the perfect sequel to the original 2 creating the best animated trilogy of all time

  8.  Hannibal's plan came together


    i have to say the trailer for the movie made it a bit well ... strange so i thought i was a fan of the series so i will watch it and i have to say i was surprised. this film is brilliant. i mean brilliant, the actors have portrayed their roles well. "Rampage jackson" 4/5 "Bradley cooper" 5/5 "Liam nesson" 4/5 and "Sharlto copley" 5/5 he was hysterical as "holwin mad murdoch" all i can say is if your a fan of the series watch this you wont regret it. :-)

  9.  top notch comedy


    this is a fantastic horro/comedy. i was very surprised at how brilliant harrelson was and jessie eisenberg at how well they portrayed their charactors. this is one for the ages and a must see

  10.  rubish


    i was very dissapointed with this film. i thought it would have been better than that.i feel asleep watching it and me thinking it was good. stick to the 80's version far better really let down. :(