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  1.  I love it forget other reviews


    Sorry, this has got bad press. I thought it was freaking amazing... Yes VERY short, but I re-played it 3 times and got 1000/1000 gamerscore trust me you won't regret to buy if you're a fan...

  2.  A New Favourite 360 Game!!!


    Wow, I'm blown away by this game. The story is the best I've played on 360 and the new horde mode is amazing. I must admit the online does take a while to actually get into a game, but that's not what it's all about. I've been playing co-op on splitscreen and it is truely fantastic. No doubt should you buy this game!!!! Buy it now!!!!

  3.  Could be the best game ever!!!!


    This game is just fantastic!!

    I got it a day before the release date and have been amazed, with it since.

    Fantastic graphics, wicked online and a nice story mode really grorify this. However it's not perfect... Some of the guns are just useless compared to good ones e.g. Carbine and fareye. Also only 4 game modes on the online =[.

    But!!!! All the features that are in the game are brilliant! Stick to the good guns and btw the 4 game modes are so good it makes up for there only being 4 of them.

    If your one of those people that can't help looking at your stats and love the figures, medals etc that you win, then this is perfect! The 2nd most detailed game for stats i've ever seen! (1St is warhawk, but that's v hard to beat)

    So yeah rather buy this game now, put it on your christmas list or but it for yourself for christmas (bit sad, but meh).... So yeah enjoy!!!!

  4.  Fab


    Just buy this game it's brilliant... Star wars fan or not! Lets face it cod4 is getting a bit old now and I can't wait till November when all the new good shooters come out!!! But until then this game is a great breakand pretty good gamer score

  5.  Absolutely fantastic


    Since I cannot get freeview because of my aerial not working properly with it, this is truely fantastic... It's like sky+, but with obviously not as many channels and no monthly payments!!! Buy one now!

  6.  Brilliant


    Although cod4 is better than this, it's a great change if you have way too much playing time on cod4 than you should lol

  7. Turok


    Xbox 360

    3 New from  £38.94  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £6.36



    Don't believe people tihs game has a better story than cod4 and an online which is pretty good too... Annoying that all the achievements are online though.

  8.  Better than ps3!!!


    Ok I've had ps3 since christmas and I got this 2 weeks ago... It just seems better, the control, talking with friends and you can't even tell the difference with graphics. Admitidely this could change when such title as resistance 2 and killzone 2 come out, but meh. Just get one immediately

  9.  Nice one


    I thought this game would be good, but not as good as it is. I loved the old GCN game and this one did not disappoint me at all. Online is great, due to me being rather good and well what else can I say, just get it if you want to have a bit of fun!

  10.  Nice Football Game!


    Ok i'm not to into football games, but this one surprised me. It's graphics are good and the online is great! I recommend this to any football fan, with a PS3.