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  1.  Rent, DONT BUY!!!


    After seeing the adverts and reading the reviews I had to go and buy this game.
    First impressions it looks great, has very good story which has you hooked from the start and is different to any other games ive played to date on a console. It reminded me of the older point and click adventures on the PC which I was a big fan of with the added aspect of the decisions you make influence the overall outcome of the game.
    Now I think the good points are as mentioned above the story, the graphics, characters and its a big move forward for this type of game on a console!
    The bad points and why only given a 3. It's only about 10hrs game play to complete, although your actions do change small parts, its the same game when you play it through again and they mainly only changes the end apart from the odd scene or two. At times the controlls are not the best and the selections you want to make when given the choice with directions are not what you want or think will happen. My biggest problems with it is that with minimum input the game can pretty much play itself!
    So I'd say its defo a must play rather than own, lend it or rent it rather than buy it as the second, third play throughs are not very good because you have done and seen it all before. Also one last point is that I was shocked at it only having a 15 and not 18 rating with the language and some of the scenes. (dont want to spoil anything for you by saying to much)
    Anyway rent or lend it, play it and enjoy the game and the fact you have saved yourself the money when you trade it in after you complete it and realise that on the whole the game stays the same no matter what you decided to choose.



    As per usual the game looks and sounds great, but.......

    The very big but is its way to short (10hours main game play, under a day to finish!), its been hyped up so much and had a higher than normal price slapped on the game that it's defo not worth!
    If a game is made to be an online multi player why not let every one know that in the first place? That way every one would not be dissapointed with how short the game is and they could then buy them for the PC as its a much better platform to play them on.
    Consoles are still along way behind in this department, with the amount of players, size of maps and the servers which forever seem to have problems!
    The vehicles are ok but you only get about a minute or so in each and cant do much at all with them!
    The Special ops part is not bad to but theres only so many times you can play the same small game before getting bored.
    All in all its not a bad game with some good parts, but id wait and get it in afew months and save yourself afew quid when the price drops and they have fixed all the bugs.
    Keep playing COD4 or even better if you have a PC get BATTLEFIELD 2 if your after a multi player which is alot cheaper and alot better for online play!

  3.  Good for the Price


    I bought this for my girlfriend as she mentioned she had seen one and kept going on about wanting one.
    What I have to say like has been mentioned before is for the money its great. Just dont expect it to be made of high end materials. The pics are average to view only being 128x128 and the screen is plastic so will have to be careful not to crack it or scratch it.
    Make sure you adjust the chain or put another one on so it does not get lost to.
    The main problem about it is trying to get the pics on to it which took me near an hour messing about trying different things but got there in the end (program works when it feels like it which is not often). Would have been great if it was just drag and drop.
    All in all not a bad bit of kit & for the price you cant argue. Best of all the Mrs was made up so thats all that matters really.