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  1.  Best Semi-pro SLR on the Market.


    The camera is superb, i would recommend it to anyone looking for a semi pro level camera. I currently use it with a Sigma 28-200mm a Canon 18-55mm and a Sigma 150-500mm and it gives excellent results with all. The 9 point auto focus is consistently sharp and accurate. The LCD screen is the sharpest i have seen on any camera, its a great size and allows you to zoom right in and get a really good idea about the quality of the image and to check the focus. Also the fast shooting mode of 6.3 frames per second is excellent for nature photography. There are plenty of other great features but i would be writing an essay.
    All round its not cheap but it's worth every penny.

  2.  It just does not get tired!!!


    I got this title on xmas day, and to be honest it was and afterthought. Loads of great games out end of last year. This is still the biggest draw, fun simple and manic. AI director means each play-through of any of the four chapters (separate zombie movies in their own right,) are never the same. The best Online co-op game on Xbox live bar none! If you are not online you won't get the best out of this game, and for all who are, WEAR A HEADSET! and USE IT!

  3. WAZ



    4 New from  £2.25  Free delivery

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     Dark and Gritty


    A good little British thriller (honest it was filmed in Belfast!)
    Not for the faint hearted this is very violent in some scenes, although it does not seem OTT. Good performances from the always excellent Stellan Skarsgard, Melissa George and the supporting cast. Keeps you gripped from start to finish.

  4.  Superb!


    A truly amazing show. Brilliantly written edge of your seat stuff.
    Best of its kind. Buy it and you will be addicted after the first 20mins of the first episode. Also season 2 is out and it gets better and better.

  5.  Gets better and better


    It about the BAU in Quantico. Sound boring well you would be wrong
    A truly entertaining show. One of the best along the CSI type lines. Brilliantly written charaters means that you care for them when they are put through some tough times, which happens quite a lot in this season. Doesn't exactly restore your faith in humanity, but worth every penny. By the way as i write this season 1 is in the 2 for £30. Go buy it now! and if you have not seen Bones pick up season 1 at the same time.

  6.  Great console Like an Italian supercar (and as reliable!)


    This conlsole is as good for offline gaming as the PS3, people go on about better graphics on the PS3 but i have both consoles running through component on a Samsung HDTV (at 1080i,) and there really is not much in it if anything.
    Where the Xbox 360 kicks the PS3 into touch is online. Xbox Live is fantastic, the way it is set-up contact between friends and, chatting to friends while both on different games, It makes even single player games feel social. Plus Marketplace is great.
    Sometimes the online gaming quality depends more on the game than the console. If you take COD4 it runs just as well on the PS3 but, as no one on the PS3 ever speaks how the hell do you work as a team. Capture the flag type games are pointless.
    So Online Xbox rules okay for many more reasons than the ones i have stated above.

    Now you are asking why 3 stars? Well it broke yesterday and this is my third one since launch, my first elite. It only lasted since september (8-9 Months,) and i personally know two other elite owners who have had consoles go. No i have not hammered it, never played it for more than 2 hours in one go, and it has pleanty of space round the intake and outlets for air flow.

    So great console but get an extended warranty for god sake.

  7.  Crikey its good!


    I agree completely with the other review that it looks almost too good to be used but, it's approved dishwasher safe.
    Tip Top and only £4.99 (or part of 3 of £12.)

  8.  Gripping Read


    Almost unputdownable, great story, which is really well paced.

  9.  Great all round performer


    Great TV, rivals the best on the market. Brillient picture and sound, menus make it easy to navigate. Only reason its this cheap is they have just released new models but, at this price you shouldnt care.
    I paid a shed load more for this TV a year ago and i cant fault it. Expect it is a bit of a dust magnet.

  10.  Online Mayhem!


    Great fast-paced FPS, with the massive added bonus of magic. It adds a whole new level to multiplayer FPS of late.
    I would advise against purchase if you are not on Xbox Live, it really is intended as an online shooter.