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  1.  An overlooked gem.


    For this price, you have to buy this film. Micheal Sheen and Sam Jackson together? Why was this film not out at the cinema! I saw this almost by accident one night and sat there with my mouth open the entire time. Gripping performances and a stonking storyline... SEE THIS FILM!!!!

  2.  Bloody great


    I cannot heap enough praise on this film! Fassbender is awesome, West is completely brilliant and Kurylenko is frightneningly brutal. Put all this together with a very complimentary and effective supporting cast and you've basically got one of the best films about the Romans ever made. Very well written and directed, I watched it once, rang my friends to come round and then watched it again with them almost straight away. Cracking film!

  3.  Damp squib


    Saw this randomly the other night, and I was hooked from the start... really enjoyed the middle... and then came the climax. Or, more to be precise, anti-climax. A real let down and I honstly felt that I'd had my time wasted.

  4.  A thrilling tale.


    Bought this on a whim as I love these kinds of films, but was not expecting the level of brilliance I got! Great film, nearly perfect, actually. Stellar performace from Costner, and nearly as good from Demi Moore. You should see this!

  5.  Massively overlooked show.


    I was introduced to CM by a friend of mine when it first started. All I ca really say is that not enough people watch and appreciate this show for what it is. Yes, some of the story lines are a little far fetched, but the characters, writing, and acting more than make up for it. At times, the show can be a little distressing, as it deals with themes and issues that a lot of people are not comfortable with, but the light hearted and comedic moments are genuinely moving. This season in particular contains one of the best episodes of television I have ever seen, entitled '100'. It's brilliant. In fact, every season of the show has more than a liberal amount of great episodes. I highly reccomend this to, especially to UK veiwers who like shows such as 'Wire In The Blood' and 'Waking The Dead.'

  6.  Deserves a watch.


    I personally found this film intriguing. Give it a go at this price.

  7.  Thought it would be terrible, and it proved me wrong.


    I expected some limp wristed attempt to battle some alien invaders who would look like nothing more than an actor in a helmet, but instead what I got was a pretty decent film that I really enjoyed! The CGI is awesome, and the supporting cast are great, but I found Aaron Eckhart to be slightly annoying at times. Don't let that put you off though, everything else more than makes up for it!

  8.  Buy this fim.


    This and the Lion King are probably the best Disney films ever made (followed by Aladdin and Beauty and The Beast of course). Mulan has out and out comedy, great animated action sequences and then that lovely Disney feeling at the end like you've just cuddled a fluffy kitten. Brilliant!

  9.  Great film!


    I haven't seen a better made boxing film in years! I was so suprised with how good it was as I expected Mark Wahlberg to be wooden as usual but he really does himself justice in this film. Bale is exceptional and captures Dicky Ecklunds mannerisms and even his voice with accuracy. Funny and poingant in places. If you havn't seen it, you really should.

  10.  Decent follow up to Casino Royale


    This film is good. However, it feels like a slightly lackluster effort after the success of the last Bond film. Interesting in places, but sometimes grinds to a bit of a halt. And the 'bond villain' is slightly unconvincing. He doesn't look like he could frighten a child. It's worth a watch, simply because Daniel Craig and Judi Dench are pretty awesome.