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  1.  Good, But Not Good Enough


    When i first got this game, i thought great. Good selection of cars, good graphics etc. However, as you progress through the game, it gets way too repetitive, doing the same races like sprint, circuit checkpoint over and over again! Its boring! The story itself is okay, but just doesn't entertain the end user. The physics of this game are very bad to be frank, especially the police. Even if your sitting still, doing something else, you still get the police coming after you. Its jsut ridiculous. Also, you can do a 90 degree turn at 300+ kmh! Whats all that about?! One more thing is the computer in races. You seem to be doing fine, driving well and fast, not hitting a thing, with the other cars way behind, but then you see that one of the cars from the pack behind is right on your tail. Its pathetic!

    Oh and did i mention the framerate issues?

    If you've liked need for speeds in the past then you'll like this one, but if you want a driving game that not only looks better, but plays better aswell with a good selection of cars and good physics, buy Midnight Club: Los Angeles.

  2.  Better Than COD4


    Traded in cod4 because i was getting bored, and decided to buy this. Im glad i did! Its so much better than cod4 online, and the graphics i think, are superb. If you're getting bored of cod4, trade it in and get this!

  3.  Shows what the ps3 can do!


    This game is one of my best games. The graphics are awesome, the gameplay is awesome, the ai is brilliant, gives you a real challenge. In reply to gowayyoutofit, you have to look in your book, the statues will be in the book with numbers aside them, thats the order you have to do them in!

  4.  Worth the money


    After experiencing ghosting issues with other cheap cables i decided to buy this. As son as i plugged it in i had a good feeling it would solve the problems. And it did! This cable provides a crystal clear picture with no interference at all! If you have not got a hdmi input or havent got a hdmi input free, buy this!