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Top 10 Clothing Reviewer
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  1.  Good quality Animal hoodie


    Im 6 foot and of a slim build and the medium is a good fit on me and the arms are as long as a large, as usual with animal their sizes are a bit larger than most companies leaving pleanty of room for layers underneath.
    The lining is nice and warm, with fleece lining for the main body and hood which can be seen in the picture, and quilted lining in the sleeves.
    The hoodie outer feels good quality and is nie and soft.
    Overall a good buy for the money ( 35 quid when reviewed)

  2.  Good tshirt


    Colours are more vibrant than they appear in the picture,the green is a fluorescent colour which glows under uv light.
    I am usually a medium to large sizing and bought this tshirt in largewhich fits me fine.
    All in all for a fiver its great value.

  3.  Good practical wallet


    Ive had this wallet a year now and im very happy with it.
    The wallet itself is made from a seude like leather and on the inside it is leather and cloth.
    Its got 3 card slots and 2 note compartments, but in my oppinion the best thing about this wallet is the fact it has a zip pouch for your loose coins. Hope this description helps=]

  4.  Great summer hoodie


    A fairly thin (not lined with thick fleece) hoodie thats great for wearing on cooler summer evnings. The sizing is a bit smaller than some other hoodies (quicksilver etc) so it might be worth getting one size up=]

  5.  Nice jacket


    This is deffinatley more of a jacket than a coat,there is very little inner padding so dont expect it to keep you warm in the freezing cold.However apart from that its a great jacket,theres a fenchurch logo on the front,the double F logo on the sleeve and fenchurch embroidered on the hood and down the back of the coat.No inner pockets but pleanty of prestud outer pockets.

    Overall a nice thin jacket with a hood to keep the rain off you=]

  6.  Worth the upgrade form N95


    In terms of specs this phone is very similar to the N95,but the subtle diferences make it worth the upgrade. The accelorometer in the phone means that your screen auto rotates when you turn the phone to view pics and the camera is a world away from the one of the N95,although it uses the same lense it takes pictures far more quickly and the flash is also a big improvement.The sound quality from the inbuilt speekers isnt too bad and the 3.5mm headphone jack is a very useful feature,combined with the 16gb inbuilt memory makes it a briliant mp3 player.

    Transfering files is quick and simple.

    However there are a few minor issues with the phone,nokia have changed from the standard mini usb back to a unique nokia one,fine if you only use it on your own pc but means you have to remeber to take the data cable with you.Also the navi wheel(scroll wheel like on an ipod) has been disabled,which is a bit dissapointing.

    Overall im very happy with the N96 and if youre lookin for a top end phone thats not by apple then this is probably the one for you

  7.  nice hoodie


    although in the picture the design looks stitched its not,its a transfer. this hoodie is quite tight fitting,i own other atticus hoodies and this is smaller than them both,so i would advise buying one size larger than usuall. nice design,good price

  8.  Great vaule, great picture


    This really is worth the extra cash over a budget brand. I've had mine for the past two years and have not been dissapointed, connected to an xbox360 and HD-DVD drive the picture quality is excelent,the colours are spot on and motion blur is very little(far less than my 40" sony 1080p).
    The EPG is simple to use and can be integrated with a panasonic DVD recorder. The setup menu,although old-fashioned is simple enough to use. The built in speakers serve their purpose and go fairly loud,and sound quality although not stunning is by no means awfull.

    If you want a smaller tv but don't want to sacrifice on picture quality then this is the one for you=]

  9.  ok,but not amazing


    I bought a pair of these headphones a few months back to replace the standard headphones that come with an n95. The over ear design is a huge advantage if youre walking,jogging etc as it stopps you accidentaly pulling the headphones out.

    The sound quality is good,but the main problem with this type of earphones is that unless you push them deep into your ears all the time you loose a lot of the bass. Having said that when you do push them in the sounds is rich and full.

    Despite being sennheiser headphones the build quality is somewhat lacking and the volume slider feels rather tacky.

    For anyone who does a lot of walking i would recoment these,but if you mainly use you headphones on the bus,train etc then id reccomend a decent pair of inner ear headphones, these really arnt the best way you can spend your cash

  10.  A good introduction


    Most of the tracks people are refering to as their best came of AFD, and yes, it was probably one of the best albums ever made. However this album shows that there was a lot more to Guns and Roses than just one album.
    If you havnt heard many GnR tracks but like what you've heard then this is probably the album for you, if you're already into GnR then id agree that live era is a far more balanced album, but then again its twice the length so can fit more songs=]]