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  1.  same old


    nothing really new, same old reviews of cars that are nice and shinny, should really stop doing these and retire.

  2.  its not a bad item


    I've played this for a few days now and I have purcahsed the sport champions with it, and I feel that its ok, nothing great, just another competition against the wii, I personally think there is some lag in this which is annoying when your playing a fast game on table tennis and that split second counts, when your playing higher difficulties. you would preferable need 2 motion controls to get a better control of the game. I do hope they improve the lag problem if possible, not sure if its the game of the unit itself. I think the WII is better at catching your movments. so only 3 stars from me

  3.  comfortable and light


    good support on the ears, dont really notice them, good sound quality.

  4.  havent had so much fun in years


    a really good game, even tho i found the campaign mode boring after a little while I decided to have a go online gameplay, its the best feature of all, death matches, and something simular to nazi zombies on cod5 but more action packed, highly recommend this game, for any transformer fan, and by that I mean the fan of the G1 cartoon, not the movie, them games was poor at best. This is in a leauge of its own compared to them.

  5.  its soemthing different


    its not a terrible game nor is it a good game, story took me a while to get into, was gonna give up at first the gave it a little longer, is it a short game tho 3 days to complete it

  6.  question


    Does anyone know what the limit that this unit can read the cards? I've read that some can not exceed over 2gb cards

  7.  not a good mix


    I rented this out and played it for about 15 mins and just coulnd't get into it. They have tried really hard to reinvent mk i believe but its just not cutting it. I personally think they should just kill it off. Its just the same over and over theres nothing new about it for a good 5 years i think now, i am a fan of dc charactors but the fighting in this is just disapointing. But happen said that i really did like the sholin monks that was a good giggle with a mate, they should make more games like that which are just simple and enjoyable which i find lacking in modern games

  8.  not to bad for tiny hands


    Overall i do like this phone, its rather stylish with a good res screen, not too fond of the touch having to press another button to get the numbers up, but it is accurate so its not all that bad. The keyboard lay out i think is a bit small. Should of optimised the space they had on the keyboard to make larger keys. And i find the interface not as user friendly as some other phones i have used in the past. Had to resort to actually reading the manual lol. Also a problem i find is that you can't lock the front key pad straight away when you want it to which is rather annoying if you just put it straight into your pocket, it does lock itself over time but during that time you could of called someone.

  9.  great family film


    its so sweet this film, its good for all ages, epseiclaly the family

  10.  nothing special


    I really don't get what all the hype is about with this movie, the cgi effects are nothing special for this day an age, especially when it cost so much to make. I would expect nothing less than what they have produced, but i don't think its worth the hype. Should of picked someone else as the main charactor as i don't think this guy can really reflect on the person form the comic books.