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  1.  Great FPS for the Wii


    I bought this game on release day, and I have not been off it.
    Single player is really good, if a little short. But all you do is crank up the difficulty level and the game should last a lot longer.
    Multiplayer is where the game really excels, it's fast, frantic, noisy and highly addictive. Plus the option to create your own weapon classes and unlock extras keeps you going.
    If you have a Wii, make this an essential purchase as it really is a top class game.

  2.  Awesome!!


    This game has been out for some time now, but it truly is a fantastic game. Both single and multi-player are really well worked and the teamwork required for Multi-player is good too.
    Being able to change your weapon from silenced to normal is great, and also being able to change from single shot to automatic fire on the assault rifles is cool.
    You can pick this game up dirt cheap and I highly recommend it.

  3.  Dark Horse = Pure Rock class


    I got this album for xmas and I have to say, its superb. I have all the Nickelback albums, and this one is by far the best.
    Rock On!!!!!!

  4.  How a football game should be made


    This game is superb in every way and if you love football, you will love this.
    The be a pro game mode (or bap as the online community call it) is a great addition. Its a sense of achievement sending a through ball to team mate and watching them score.
    Online play is good too, and easy to navigate around.
    Overall this is one of the best games i've played and recomend it.

  5.  SUPERB!!!!!


    I only got my Xbox 360 on Sunday just gone, and so I bought this game to go with it.
    What an experience it is. The level of detail is like nothing I've ever seen. You see things like the heat from your team mates gun muzzle as it fire's, the heat rippling out from the back end of a tank, bullet holes in walls and pretty much any other object that happens to get in your way.
    When you play this game, the feeling of total immersion cannot be ignored as you crouch down behind desks and cabinets whilst your being shot at. You feel on edge and try to plot a route where you can get a better shot.
    Overall this game is fantastic and ticks every box to become a classic as it should rightly be.
    If you have 360, and don't have this game, you HAVE to buy it!!!

  6.  Great FPS


    This game is a real classic. I bought it on Tuesday and I'm already in love with it.
    The guns are great, the vehicles handle well and the atmosphere is truly gripping.
    The best thing about it is the ability to jump between the type of character on the battlefield.
    This game is great fantastic and I'm glad I bought it.

  7.  A must for any collection!


    I've only had this game for about a day and already I love it.
    The graphics are so rich and beautiful to look at you wonder just what else the PSP is capable of. The Monsters are greatly detailed to.
    When you are not on your quest you can explore the village, whereby you can upgrade weapons, buy and sell goods, even tend to a farm (Great for supplies etc).
    Overall though this is truly a wonderful game with which I'm over the moon with.

  8.  World War Z..........WOW!!!


    This is one of the best books I've ever read and is both superbly written and gripping.
    If zombie's are your thing, then you must buy this book, and if your new to the Genre, then you have to buy this book.
    But I suggest you but the book regardless :)

  9. FIFA 07

    FIFA 07

    Playstation Portable

    5 New from  £4.99  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £0.98

     Just got this on Sunday (02/09/07)


    What a fantastic game this is. Its really in-depth and the online vs mode is superb.

    I prefer this more than Pro Evo 6, so if you love football, and you have a PSP, then you must buy this game!

  10.  Very cool game


    Handles well, great graphics and quite addictive.

    I strongly recommend this game to anyone with a PSP.