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  1.  An excellent fictional insight into humanity at war


    Excellent read, sometimes it feels he has brought in too many characters but as virtually all are representations of real people the chapters feel immediately relatable.

    For anyone who wants to move beyond the great manoeuvres of the battle and have a feel for the confusion, heroism, and sacrifice of this clash of nations read this book.

  2.  Not a fan


    Controls don't seem natural to me, I haven't been as involved in the storyline as with other FPS.

    A shame, as I really like the story and the gameplay in TC: Rainbow Six, and TC: Future Soldier looks to redeem this for me.

  3.  Great way to pass a few hours!


    Good game, good graphics, enough of an evolution from earlier to warrant buying it!

  4.  Must-buy for all true kids and not-so-young kids!


    Great game, with the humour and challenge you've come to expect from the Lego series. Obviously limited by the films, it still changes the storyline enough to make it durable and you want to take the time to play over and over.

    If you do anything on this website, BUY THIS GAME!

  5.  not too bad...


    Always fun to bomb ships and blow aircraft out of the skies!!

    Gameplay is okay, controls are difficult to master at first, but the excitement is great for a very short single-player campaign. Yet to try multiplayer, hoping for good results too.

  6.  So much fun!!


    Following all the films in the usual comic Lego-way, this game is excellent fun. Detailed, challanging, enjoyable, I recommend this to utterly everybody!



    Excellent, excellent game. Graphics unsurpassed, storyline intelligent and realistic. Fun and challanging at all points, buy this buy this buy this!!

  8.  Excellent game, gripping and challanging


    This game really challanges the experienced gamer, to outwit the enemry, use terrain to best advantage or hunting terrorists online co-operatively. Up there with call of duty 4 for excitment and addictiveness. BUY THIS GAME!!!

  9.  An Excellent Book


    The first-hand account of an RAF Pilot in the second world war. Evocative, real, humerous, intelligent, his voice echoes through the ages. A brilliant read for anyone interested in the war, aviation, memoirs.... in fact, just everyone!

  10.  Not bad.


    This game offers some interesting gameplay, and a lot of thought in order to win effectively. Or you could keep clicking A on whatever comes nearest and butcher through.
    Took a while to get used to the buttons, then enjoyed it more of course!! Graphics are okay, could be better for this console. Sound is excellent at first, gets a tad repetitive, get music going in the background!
    Good first time through, some fun second time to collect whichever achievements you missed first time. After that, not sure this is a long-term game to return to over and over and over....