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  1.  Cute but battery life very poor


    This is a nice looking mouse and believe it or not my first cordless mouse the battery is supposed to last up to eight months the 1st one that came with it lasted 21 days, not good enough really this will make it a very expensive mouse to use ongoing, best avoided no matter how cheap it is ( and I have been turning it it off at night)

  2.  Cool little box


    This little box was designed as a front end for Netflix, and all other channels are there as a bonus, hence the big Netflix button.

    You DO Need a computer to set this up. there is an important point, where you have to sign up for a Roku account and input your credit-card details , so for Roku to state , no computer required, is just wrong.

    I think this is a great gizmo, avoid players that give you 1080p from web content, as its hard to find and slow to download, 720p is fine.

    There are limited channels available here in the uk and no "you tube", which is a shame, however, if you want to see some internet video on your TV, Including BBC Iplayer, for the money this fits the bill, with a bit of luck they may add the other on demand TV channels here in the uk.

  3.  Good budget Blu Ray Player


    Bought this for 110GBP from our local Electronics superstore, this seems like a decent player and at the current price of less than 90GBP from play, a bargain, the only issue i have is the documentation that comes with it, how does the LAN port work , what does the usb port do ? well this isn't documented very well at all, it seems that if you plug a usb memory stick into the front port and plug the player onto your LAN then when you play some discs it will download some info onto the stick that you can view when you play that disc. The menu system isn't intuitive at all and looks cheap and nasty, overall the picture quality seems good but the menu system poor, I may be missing out on some features of this player because they are not documented

  4.  Very good little player


    The battery lasts a long time and the sound quality is really very good. I haven't lost the usb lead yet so don't have an issue with the dedicated fitting. If this isnt loud enough for you then I suspect you have hearing damage and should see a doctor as mine is loud enough for everything I need.This is much smaller than it seems , this is a good thing for me, but some may find it a bit too small. The finish of the player isnt brilliant as it rapidly looks rather dirty and scratched. However as 99% of the time its in a pocket , that isnt really that important. Enjoy your music!

  5.  So good I bought it twice !


    Over the years , I have bought many mice, but this one is definitely the best for all round use. The action of the scroll wheel is just right and the screen magnifier comes in very handy for things that are a bit too small. Don't forget the side to side option of the scroll wheel as this means if you need to scroll sideways, you can without lifting a finger.
    The first one of these I had lasted about two years and the scroll wheel packed up, I think two years use for a mouse is Excellent as others I have paid good money for don't feel as good or work as well. My new one is just as good as the first .Highly recommended.

  6.  Its an Ok mouse mat !


    Mouse mats are getting harder to find theses days,Go to your local PC Shop and its unlikely to have more than one or two types in stock, at least in this area. I have been using a gel mouse mat for a couple of years and its got a hump in the middle now, so I guess you can say its worn out. This new mouse mat is precise and slick on my optical mouse,maybe too slick . No real issues.

  7.  Very middle of the road


    So you wanted mobile broadband and you wanted it on the cheap, well this is what you get . Cheap mobile broadband is as someone else has already said is let down by the Three coverage and the slightly wonky software on the dongle itself. If you have no service for more than a few seconds, then you have to click the reconnect button, it wont reconnect to it on its own. It also has an irritating habit of not working inside any building I have been in. its rather unreliable, but if you want cheap , this is it ! On the good side ,when it works its great and quite fast, but to be honest that's not very often for me.

  8.  Smart and Fast


    So I already had an old Satnav, but it kept sending me the wrong way, and it could not be updated. So Time for a TomTom:

    The Good :
    .Fast start up, picks up satellites where my old one didn't .
    .Easy dock mount hangs on to the windscreen nicely.
    .Lane adviser: This is just fantastic, you have to see this to really understand just how helpful it is.
    .Nice features like sensible warnings about speed and cameras, you can programme a nice beep to alert you without scaring yourself silly.
    .IQ routes can take you routes that save you lots of time in traffic.
    .Downloadable software thats easy to use.

    Not so good:
    .No memory expansion
    .No user replaceable battery
    .Power chord is fitted with a right hand angle so in the uk it looks a bit messy if you have it on the right hand side of the screen
    .Easy dock sits too close to the windscreen so sunlight is on it all the time.

    .If you want your 10 pound voucher you have to sign up via the link printed on the box (that I cant type here in a review) or you dont get it ever.

    Unless you sign up with a different email address.

    Overall its very good indeed it would get 5 stars if the the not so good were addressed

  9.  Neat! But?


    Fast and good capless drive, with a neat swivel design. Activity Indicator is hidden you have to swivel the case sidways to see it flashing. Otherwise great .