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  1.  Poor Value


    I bought these based on the cheap price. You get what you pay for. The brush vibrates off the toothbrush whilst brushing your teeth and then it breaks. Each head lasts about 2 weeks only. Not impressed, not good value, buy the real thing instead.

  2.  Excellent Dress


    Great little dress, looks lovely on and is really nicely made.

  3.  Easy Read


    Predictable easy read book. Nice story, but no excitement as you could guess what was going to happen throughout the book. If you want a book to read that is light and fun then this is the book to pick.

  4.  Girlie Book


    Took this book on holiday to read and it was a great read for a holiday. Nothing too deep to think about and just a nice read however it is girls book to read. My husband wouldnt go anywhere near it. All very predictable!

  5.  Good


    A good read that covers bullying in schools, gangs and knife dangers. Covers a number of topics in a sympathetic way and has a surprising ending.

  6.  A great read!


    To be honest reading the back cover and the black pages put me off reading the book. But dont let that deter you from reading this book. It is a great book.

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book and really got into the characters. The mix between modern times and the 1800's was well balanced and made it a really interesting read. The plot was really good and a great theme.

    The book could have ended in several ways and I must admit that the end was a little disappointing, I thought a different ending may have been good but I also think there is an opportunity to have a sequel.

    A really great read!

  7.  Romantic Story


    If you like romance based in modern times with a nostaglic link to the past you'll enjoy this book. Some of the links back are a little far fetched and I believe their is one major mistake in the book, almost as if the author felt the need to add more in and create a diversion before the end. That said I really enjoyed the book as its an easy read and one of those books you can read quickly without having to follow an intensive plot.

  8.  Good period story!!


    I was really looking forward to reading a book set in the time of Elizabeth I and was expecting the book to focus on the queen more than it did. I was hoping I'd learn more about that era but the actual history of the time was only slightly touched upon and the focus was much more on the story itself.

    The murder investigation keeps you entertained and guessing throughout although there are some very far fetched moments in the book that stretch the imagination!!! But then you get that in most books.

    Was a good easy read!!

  9.  Great read!!!


    Thoroughly enjoyed the book from the moment I picked it up. It captured me throughout and couldn't put the book down. It was a really easy read and I can see it being made into a good film.

    Loved the characters and the storyline although there were a few lose ends and some far-fetched moments, but all added to the enjoyment of the book.

    Thoroughly recommend the book!!!

  10.  Apocolypse Again


    Another take on the apocolypse with a different angle.

    This is the second book along a similar story I've read in the last month and they are not the most happiest of reads.

    It is well written and an easy read but not to be read if you feel a bit down!!!