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  1.  Good for on the go


    I am a fan of the guitar hero series and this is a must own game for fans of the series as there are some good new songs that are exclusive to the DS, such as Ozzy Osbornes-I dont wanna stop, Blink182-All the small things and Nirvana-Breed to name a few. One flaw is the fact there is only 4 buttons instead of the usual 5 but it is still a fun game with only the 4.

    Overall if your looking to play guitar hero for the first time dont buy this version as you wont get everything out of the guitar hero games on Xbox or PS3. But if your someone who is on the move a lot then this is an essential game for your Nintendo DS collection

  2.  Cant stop reading


    This is a fantastic book which has you gripped page to page and you will say "one more chapter then ill stop" but you cant. You will find yourself carrying on reading until very late at night and still wont be able to stop. If i read a better book this year ,it will take a lot to make me think its better than this.

  3.  Sandlers finest hour


    Ive seen basically all of Adam sandlers films and out of all of them none of them are as funny as Happy Gilmore. Happy has to find a way to earn money so that he can pay for all of the taxes his grandmother has not paid over the last so many years, and his only way to get the money is golf. This is where Sandler shows how funny he can actually be, espically some of his sarcastic lines which had me in fits of laughter. If you enjoy comedy and Adam Sandler films this is a classic!

  4.  Takes the video camera films to a new level.


    This is one of the best zomie films i have ever seen and to think i was put off by the idea that it was Spanish! Make sure you see this version before the Americans release their version of it next year because i doubt it will be as good and gripping as this film is. The voilence doesnt stop from the start to the end and you will enjoy this a lot more than diary of the dead. The acting is actually good, although as your reading subtitles that wont matter too much. If you cant decide which zombie or horror film to buy this year, i suggest this one!

  5.  Best teenage film


    I enjoyed American Pie's and a lot of other teenage films but superbad is so much funnier than all of them. Its just so typical of what teenagers actually do such as Fake ID and trying to score with girls. Where american pie seems a bit too extreme compared to this as the actors casted in superbad are closer to the age of an actual teenager and have much better qualities. A must buy espically as its only £5

  6.  Totally rock


    When i went to the download festival this year i had never heard of skindred. a month on and i absolutely love their music. Regge Rock is just brilliant and the lead singer is such a good preformer. All the songs on this album are worth listening to espically Nobody which is a masterpiece. Listening to them on a cd is basically the same as they are live, their that good! so if you havent listend to them before and feel like listening to something different from rock and metal then this is it!

  7.  Rather Enjoyable.


    Bought this film due to my admiration of Romeros work and i wasnt dissapointed. Its one of his earliest films he did almost soon after Night of the living dead. Dont buy this film if your not fond on violence or infected/zombie type people (hence the crazies).

  8.  Dawn better than Diary


    First off im not going to critise this film like lots of other have because it really isnt as bad as people are saying. Its another clever movie that Romero has put together but if your wanting to watch his true masterpiece buy dawn of the dead. It may look dated now but is cheaper than this and theres a lot more to it. Still all together this is another great part of Romeros dead series.

  9.  Still continues to impress


    4 years it has been since lost first graced us and what a long way its come since then. This season doesnt fail to impress even though it was cut short due to the writers strike in America leaving the season with on 13 episodes. But the extra hour that they got added to the season finale made up for having to wait a long and painfull month with now lost!

    This season takes a very bold step and uses the flashforwards to its advantage with 6 survivors making it off the island! (Jack and Kate we know of but i wont mention the other 4 so you will have to buy this dvd!) One thing where lost may have lost some viewers this year is the fact that if you dont concentrate during an episode you could miss the main plot! Has a very good ending which answers who was in the coffin at the end of season 3!!! (you will be shocked!) but while answering some questions it also creates more questions! This season is perhaps not for the casual lost viewer who doesnt watch the show much seeing as it becomes very confusing at times!

    Overall if your going to buy a TV series on dvd this year make sure its LOST!

  10.  The beginning of things


    To go back and watch the first season of south park now it may seem a bit dated and the quality of the drawings arnt exactly good but it still has all of the halerious banter it has up to today. A must buy for fans of south park and even just comedy in general!