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  1.  There Is No Dreaming In The Grave


    From the glacial black shards of creeping ambience that float into deep soundscapes, dark electronic washes and the liquid gold guitar patterns (tinged with echoes of Pink Floyd) on 17 minute opener Gaza, to the trembling, heart splintering heights of Sky Above The Rain, Marillion have created a beautiful, neo-progressive rock masterpiece. From Sounds That Can't Be Made;

    "One day you'll play me sounds that can't be made
    I'll feel them humming from somewhere inside your hand..."

    The combination of lyrical brilliance and the instrumental section towards the end of the song is just beautiful. Montreal is like a living diary, a musical postcard, a dreamlike song that quite literally takes you on a journey. Power is the sound of electrical love and life quivering, shaking, it is haunting and profound in its sentiment. Sounds That Can't Be Made is life affirming rock music that holds a force to be unleashed within the listener; a fizzing sphere of imagination, emotion and burning spirit. Steve Hogarth has the heart of a poet and there are flashes of melancholy, warmth and romance within his lyrics. One of the best lyrical moments however, comes from John Helmer. From Pour My Love;

    "Lids that close and time that slows the rapid eye
    There is no dreaming in the grave
    You'll never look into those eyes again
    In this world, In this world -

    So bend your head
    The way that flowers bend their heads
    I'll pour upon it my love like rain..."

    Sounds That Can't Be Made. Canyon wild wind over cornfields, a smooth and yellow sway. Cool wind across your face, the sound of your son sleeping, the pattern of night sounds within the curve of his ear, the pattern of moonlight on the bedroom wall, the sound of your beautiful wife laughing, the light behind the leaves, the sound of a flower that bends in the breeze, the sun breathing in the blackness of space.

    It is astonishing just how good Marillion have become. Sounds That Can't Be Made is a modern day classic.

  2.  Return To Eden


    Intelligent, sophisticated and timeless; Rage In Eden is music for the heart and mind, like some smoke filled room on a summer afternoon, when you want to contemplate life, death and meaning, you can take solace in an album that will simply transport you to emotional terrains both joyous and desolate. As close to perfection as an album can be. Nothing less than their masterwork.



    Once described as a monolithic puzzle box, Lateralus is simply one of the greatest pieces of work you will ever hear. Geometric designs within the music, taut and muscular production all combine to make Lateralus multi layered and beautiful; bathe in the fountain and spiral out. This is an amazing recording. Beyond essential.



    If this album had been released in 2008, Ultravox would be hailed as genius and they would be reveried as 'the next big thing.' Unbelievably, this album was all but ignored when it first came out; proof that Ultravox were simply light years ahead of their time. John Foxx must be one of the most underated lyricists of all time. From the frantic, adrenalin fuelled, hook laden power of ROckWrok, to the mystical, poetic beauty of Hiroshima Mon Amour, this album is a powerhouse of diversity, innovation and original songwriting; this is genuinely exciting music. The Man Who Dies Everday is full of eerie soundscapes and slow building atmosphere. The Artificial Life features some brilliant sub-bass sonics right at its conclusion and Distant Smile starts as a surreal, ambient ballad which suddenly bursts into full on rock. Every track is simply brimming with ideas and energy. The album comes with a wonderful black glossy sleeve; all the original artwork restored and a brilliant essay regarding the story behind the album and full lyrics. I cannot recommend this album too highly.



    Opeth have done in again. Another quality album that reveals some new twists whilst retaining their unique blends of melodic and heavy sounds. This is a brilliant recording and will not disappoint. For true metal fans only; dark, lengthy, intricate compositions that require patience and careful study. Highlights include Coil, Hex Omega and Hessian Peel; the latter features one of the best metal riffs I have ever heard. Opeth really are one of the most interesting metal bands you will ever hear, for they inhabit there own eerie, twisting and majestic world. An essential purchase.



    Put simply, this is one of the best metal albums ever recorded. Majestic, dark and intricate, full of brilliant guitar riffs and sharp, detailed production. This is a masterpiece of metal, You need this album, do yourself a favor and buy this alongside Blackwater Park, these albums really do approach perfection.



    This is the culmination of every element that has made Radiohead so unique. The album is in turns dark and deep, vast and spacious, soulful and joyous. Quite simply, this is a masterpiece. One of the best recordings I have ever heard.



    If you enjoy intelligent, complex and challenging art rock, then you will adore this album. The only way to describe this music is genius. The drumming is just incredible and is as good as anything put out by Tool or Rush. Indeed, in rythmic and technical terms there are many similarities with Tool's Lateralus album, although the music itself, is very different. A beautiful record that operates entirely within its own unique world. Stunning.



    This is quite simply one of the best DVD's ever released. The picture quality is amazing, the best I have seen on a DVD so far. Let's get one thing straight, this is a film about giant robots fighting, breaking things, crunching steel and brick and mortar, and things exploding. So when you hear the grumpy old men brigade moaning about characterization and plot, ignore them, they are missing the whole point of the film, it is pure entertaintment and first class fun. This is what DVD is all about, an absolutely brilliant movie and pure class!