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  1.  eye popping


    This is a stroke of genius! I bought this for my kids for Christmas and have to say I play it when they've long gone to bed!!

    The concept is basically a Tamogotchi for the next generation. The twist is that the magic card is basic augmented reality meaning the camera recognises the simple pattern on the card and replaces it with an opject on screen. It's very cool and will definately wow your friends and family.

    The game has good depth, a reasonable level of difficulty (allowing daddy to help when needed - yay!) and plenty of replay value. The kids just spent an hour playing with the aquarium.

    Top notch and I'm sue w'll be seing more of this... also a bargain with the camera bundled in.

  2.  Solid, but more of the same


    I picked this little number up for a tenner at a big supermarket stating with 'T' - bargain!

    It's great fun, but as a Playstation Tomb Raider veteran I can't help but think the old formula is getting a little tired. Don't get me wrong it's great fun and the nostalgia element is great. For a cut price pick up you can't go far wrong. A lot of rerviewers keep making reference to Uncharted, which I have to agree is a far superior adventure, but let's not forget that without Tomb Raider, Uncharted would never have been born.

  3.  Fall of Me...


    This game is fantastic. No messing... just fantastic! The game play is completely absorbing and I've found myself leaping out of my chair to shoot the chimera only to relise that I've bumped into the scenary making a 'clang' rattle through the 5.1!

    The pace is great, challenging enough without being impossible. Graphics are stunning, though most it the time you are running so fast through the battle field you might miss it!!

    If you're going to buy one game this year you've really not thought through forking out £300 on a console :-p ... if you buy two this should be one of them!!



    Downloaded this from the Playstation Store on to my 60gig (thank god I bought it 2 weeks ago!) - it's 'tombraider' meets 'tails of the golden monkey' on crack - adding a sense of humour to the story also makes a refreshing change.

    Gameplay is superb and controls instinctive; the presentation is AMAZING - the lighting as you wander through the jungle is just beautiful. It rolls up into a game that really shows what the 3rd gen playstaion can do right now! Buy it, love it!