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  1.  Interesting


    At first I loved John then I came to dislike him from stories I'd heard of him doijng awful things, after reading this I like and admire him for who he is and the life he has chosen, it doesn't go into gory details and the little stories he puts in and humour he adds makes you feel like you're talking to him over a cup of tea.

    I personally enjoy his notes 'catching you out' that I haven't found in a book or autobiography before which is something new and nice, it also feels like he's reading your mind.

    Overall I recommend this as a good read for the money and I'm certainly interested in the next book he puts out and interested in seeing him perfome live sometime because of the book.

    The pictures are nice and he doesn't use complicated language or attempts to confuse you along the way, it's a nice quick read and all of it fully takes in easily.

    I did giggle to myself several times throughout reading it and talking to my partner about events in Johns life :)

  2. Slash



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    At first I bought this thinking it'll be pretty dark and messy to read but I was entirely wrong. Usually I wouldn't pick up such a think book not knowing much about the person but just looking up to them in general but it was so very much worth the decision to buy this.

    It brings such a deep and meaningful insight to the world fo Rock n Roll and especially the world before I was born and how it was like back then.

    The inside of GnR and his future onward is fascinating and he's like us, a human being, but his world is just something beyond a lot of people will ever reach and it's so honest as well.

    I highly recommend this read, it didn't bore me and it didn't drag or go on at any part like some autobiographies do, it's very fascinating and you get by it very quickly!

    I have so much more respect knowing Slash behind the scenes now and just how much of a personality, history and character he has. It'd astonishing. I would love to meet him but this is as close as it gets.

  3.  Wonderful, beautiful, perfect


    At first I hesitated in buying this novel, believing it may be a bit of a parody over the Manga that I love and an attempt at copying that.

    Being a reader of the original books (and prefering them to the movie) I needed recaps from the book as I'd seen the films a few times after reading them and forgetting which parts of the story were 'real' or not etc.

    So I purchased this novel today and had a quick read from the start, I ended up finishing 30minutes later nearly halfway throught the book. Firstly it's the artwork, it's so beautiful and captivating that you don't want to tear yourself away. Secondly it's how you see how Stephenie saw the characters when she created them which is personally magical for me.

    Thirdly it's how the characters are so much more to the book than the 'modern' films in comparison, it fits just right and after you get used to the way the characters are drawn you're straight back into picturing the books again.

    Fourthly is how it's so much like a Manga, in the end I had to finish the book in the same evening (A habit with any Manga reading is that I can never put it down once I've started!) it is done perfectly (Not back to front though) and sent my emotions going in certain places, sometimes just the sheer beauty of the artwork and sometimes just because you don't have to picture the scene as it is there and you can just imagine the situation and feeling of it.

    It is absolutely wonderful and I am not disappointed nor feel I have wasted my money on a short read, I very much recommend it, I now have a strong urge (Which I already had previously) to re-read the Twilight books to see how accurae the Manga is or whether they have adjusted some parts of it or I am confused with the books and the films now!

    Even if you are starting on Twilight I would recommend this first if that was prefered, you won't get the whole 4 books worth but this is a good start and will gradually get you there.

    I really can't wait for the next volume, this is definitely going to be a completed set for me! :)

  4.  Brilliant


    Captivates you into the story, although compared to the books it's only half as good but compared to other book to film adaptations it's one of the better ones.

    Not one a film to just watch but take in and once you do it really does lure you into its storyline and gets your heart involed to it, attaching you to the story that's far from average or normal.

    It's beautifully done, I highly recommend to watch it even if you've read the books and refuse to see the film I recommend it to those people too, as much as you have the story locked up in your head, safely tucked away from anything that may ruin your views and feelings towards the books, this films done so it doesn't touch that :-).

    What it does do is show the story in its own way, sure it won't meet everyones expectations but it does a really good job, see that in the film and you can see how much effort has been put into making this film as good as possible based on the books.