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  1.  Brilliant


    I brought this book based on the 2 reviews, its fantastic, I was gripped from the first chapter, lots of twists and turns and you are kept guessing all the way through, Gregg Hurwitz is now on my favourite author list, you won't be dissapointed with this book.

  2.  Beautifully written


    After reading Sister, I eagerly awaited the release of Afterwards, and I was not dissapointed.
    I loved the story line, and so many characters to connect with, you really feel for Grace as she tells the story, and at the end of the book I was actually crying, if your a mother reading this book you will need your tissues.
    I read this book in a day, leant it to my friend and she read in 2 days, buy it you won't be dissapointed.

  3.  A must read


    amazing book, when I started reading this book I expected it to be like most of the books I get, read a few chapters then leave it a few weeks, read a few more, etc.
    Not this book, I started at 8pm on a Saturday night, and just couldn't put it down, I finally went to bed at 2am, with 4 chapters to go, and I couldn't get up quick enough on the Sunday to finish the book, it had me hooked from the first chapter, I loved the twists and turns, absolutlely amazing, I can't wait to read the next book.
    I've taken the book to my friend to read and she is hooked as well, no meals made in her house whilst she read this book as well!!!!
    I would highly recomend to anyone.

  4.  Good case, well worth the money


    A great girly case for my ipod touch, also works with the iphone as well, lovely and soft and you can still charge without having to remove the ipod from the case. 10/10 for me.

  5.  Put this on your XMas list


    well if your one of the fortunate few that own a wii, put this game on your christmas list, its loads of fun, just as all wii games should be, get the family joining in, pick your team Sonic or Mario and your off.
    Loads of jumping around, laughing at each other racing, if only we could enter Sonic and Mario in the England Olympic team we might win some medals, lol.
    Our favourite event, swimming, only because how wierd is it to be swimming on a computer game!!!, but all the games are loads of fun, and suitable for all ages.

  6. MySims


    Nintendo Wii

    3 New from  £13.95  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £2.65

     Best Sims Game Yet!!


    Loved the game and i think that it is the best one yet.

    My favourite part of the game was, the building the houses, that turned into a competition for all of us and all the mini games, they made us laugh.

    Everyone in the house has played this games and they have all said that it is well worth the money.

    I think that there should be a 2nd one if possible.

    I think that this game is the perfect game for anyone.

    thanks, bethany xx

  7.  Good fun game


    I brought this game after the kids telling me how much fun it is, and it hasn't dissapointed yet. We haven't unlocked multiplayer mode yet, mainly due to kids fighting over whos turn it is to play.
    Its always a race to get to boss stage, and it takes a bit of getting used to, but its a great game for all ages, great when you've had a beer or two with mates.

  8.  Fun, Fun, Fun game


    What a brilliant game, its great to have a laugh at your mates who cant sing, Ive never heard so many songs murdered since watching the auditions on XFactor, lol, this game appeals to all ages, I have been in stiches laughing at my kids trying to sing songs from my era, they are so out of tune i have tears rolling down my face every time they have it on, although I did find them laughing at me and my friends as well. I love the dancing part as well, very funny watching grown ups jigging about trying to keep up with the young ones, this game should be on everyones Xmas list who owns a Wii, it will always amuse and keep everyone entertained, just practice your singing before you go on it, and wear a support bra lol.

  9.  Take me to a Funkey town ;-)


    OMG!! These are soo cool, I think they will be one of the must have's on xmas lists this year, Im glad I've discovered them now.
    They are so cute, really easy to use and most importantly really good fun.
    Use your different Funkey characters to visit different parts of Funkey town, play games and basically have loads of fun, but watch out for the henchmen they are after you and will steal your money if they catch you.
    With over 40 to collect, and also having ultra rare Funkeys its bound to add to the collecting fun, and at £5 for a Funkey its not too expensive for kids to buy themselves.
    I'll be adding these to my kids xmas stockings and telling everyone to buy them now before they become like gold dust in the run up to christmas.
    10/10 for a good value, decent priced computer toy.

  10.  disney meteos ds game


    I brought for my kids to play with, as they are fans of Tetris, its a good puzzle game, you have to be quick on some of the levels, I have to say my 7 year old put me to shame on the game.
    I thought the wireless option was good, giving dual play, and the unlocking of story pages when you complete a level gives it another edge.
    I think this game is probably aimed at girls more than boys, although all my kids enjoy playing on it and I have 2 boys and a girl.
    Would I reccomend you buy it? Yes I would, it will keep you occupied for a few hours, and you always feel that you want to finish another level just to get more of the story unlocked.