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  1.  If the demo is anything to go by


    If you are not a massive star wars...dont worry, this game is still for you.

    From the trailers you might think you have seen all the best bits in a glorified manner but..... IT IS.... as much fun as it looks. The first thing you will notice is the depth. I mean throwing an enemy with the force is cool enough but watching him hurtle all the way down a corridor into a further few more men is brilliant, plus prince of persia style sword/sabre movements, plus heavenly sword style major boss killings........This is all from a 5 minute demo. Did I mention that you can throw small ships with your force.....It's obvious that you will become stronger and more powerful through the game which means the excitement can only intensify.....when does this game come out again????

  2. FIFA 08

    FIFA 08


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     Very pretty but ugly inside


    Fifa 08 is one of life's amazing frustrations. The graphics are brilliant. The layout from the opening menu to the stats shot at the final whistle are class. Your favourite stars look great. The way the players are animated, the way they strike a half volley, the way they cut inside and shoot from outside the box.....all wicked and brill but it doesn't make the game.

    I love the way EA have upped the ante to PES in terms of fluid movement. Then it all turns sour, the penny drops and you realise you will be bored in five minutes. The passing and movement of the players is still the same as fifa 95' (ok that was an exageration!) but I wanted to find myself submerged in real match type thing. Who knows? maybe I'm wrong? maybe I have PES in my head everytime I think of computer football? Trust me I wanted this FIFA to be the one. I'll try again next year!!! EA please please keep going and shift some of that budget towards beautiful passing rather than beautiful kits of european clubs nobody cares about.