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  1.  Sweet


    Nice collection of nofx's ep's from the begining up until now.
    As usual every song is brilliant and you even get two brand new unreleased tracks.
    A must for nofx fans old and new.

  2.  You are BATMAN!


    If you own a PS3 (or a 360 for that matter) Batman fan or not, you need this game.
    Wonderful graphics, storyline, combat, puzzles and gameplay.
    The excellent Mark Hamil even returns to lend his voice to The Joker.
    The main thing that sets this game above others in the genre is that it actually gives you the illusion that you are Batman. Sounds crazy? maybe so, but give it a try and you will see what I mean.

  3.  Big dumb and full on fun!


    At this price you can't argue what you get is two huge epic games for less than the price of one.
    Big dumb bloody good fun.

  4.  So it's come to this a Battlestar Galactica clipshow


    Ok so it's not actually a clipshow but with all the rehashed footage it sure feels like one.
    Very slow and ultimatley pointless this is best left for the completists only.
    Sadly its time to lay this great show to rest, instead of keep milking it dry.

  5.  A whole new way to play.


    A truly revolutionary cinematic experience whilst it does have its minor faults, its so unique and compelling you will be too engrossed to notice.
    Buy it love it.

  6.  Wasted chance


    This series could have been great, sadly after a messy start we only get a few episodes of goodness towards the end.
    Watered down, very safe, almost family friendly horror.
    A real shame as it could have been so much more.
    You have been warned!

  7.  Damp Squib


    First 500 odd pages are actually quite good but sadly the finale is a damp, clumsy let down.
    A disapointing end to what could have been a good little series.

  8.  Best of the best


    Not only the best film of last year, but quite possibly of the last ten!
    Has the power to make you cry within the first ten minutes then twenty minutes later your crying with laughter.
    A true gem of a film that has something for everybody.

  9.  Well worth a read


    I've never read any of the Twilight series and only picked this up as it was going cheap. I'm really glad I did sure it starts off slow (give it about 150 pages to really kick in) but its a big book. Lovely engaging story and brilliant character development, I hope the Twilight series lives up to this as its a great read.

  10.  Not as good


    Big fan of FF7 on the original Playstation so couldnt wait to play this, infact I brought a PSP just to do so. Some elements are greatly improved the Combat system being one (no more turn based tomfoolery). The graphics are great, like really really good but what it lacks is story which in a RPG is quite an important factor.
    Worth a play but don't go expecting the greatness of the original as this is all style over substance.