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  1.  Domo


    Awesome little Domo plush, it's fuzzy and adorable, what more can I say? :)

  2.  Stylish, Comfortable & Top Quality!


    I'm actually blown away, these headphones are a fantastic addition to the Sony range.

    *Stylish: The design is fantastic, they have an awesome vibe about them.

    *Comfort: I'm being 100% genuine when I say these are the most comfortable headphones I have EVER worn.
    The problem I've had with other headphones is that they seem to make my ears ache because I have glasses, I'm not sure about anyone else, but all other headphones I've had slightly put pressure on the ears which then go into the side of my glasses, it's unnoticeable at first but after awhile it can get very uncomfortable and can be painful.

    These headphones are so light feeling, I don't have this issue.

    *Quality: The sound quality this product gives is top-notch, okay so they might not be compared to others like Bose, but that's a huge price comparison were talking about.

    Overall I think these are well worth the price tag, they're stylish, extremely comfy and they give off a real nice sound.

  3.  Best Headset I've ever used for the PS3!


    This really is the king of all headsets when it comes to the PS3, there is also a cheaper version available; CP-PRO (PS3), which is good however if you want my advice, I would suggest you spend that extra bit of money and go for this one as you're getting better speakers as well as an upgraded microphone.

    Before purchasing this unit MAKE SURE you have the composite AV cable that came with your PS3 if your using a HDMI cable, if you're already using the AV cable then you wont need to worry about digging it out. If for some reason you can't find it, then you will need to buy one.

    Obviously the bad side to this product is that you have wires hanging out and isn't as "convenient" than a Bluetooth headset, but the pro's really do outweigh the cons, not only can you submerse yourself in the game with a nice rich sound, but you can also talk/hear your friends or gaming partners crystal clear.

    With a quick mute button to stop people from hearing you in split of a second and the easy adjustment of game/chat volume ratio, this gaming headset is a must.

  4.  Top-notch quality camera for a very reasonable price!


    Fantastic camera, it looks suave, it's very comfortable to hold, also takes very nice photos even if your just an amateur like me.

    Many modes to choose from to help you get the best out of your photos, or try the auto-intelligent mode for the camera to make the right decision for you, most of the time it does.

    Great amount of zoom whilst keeping the picture crisp and also feature an enhanced zoom mode which will zoom in around 18x plus zoom (optical + digital zoom and drops picture to 3MP) however still good results.

    Only downside is that you can't zoom whilst recording, but you can zoom before you press record!

    Overall, great camera!

  5.  Pretty lame information although good for MK collectors


    This is pretty much only good for those who like collecting MK items, some of the artwork is cool.... however that's pretty much too it.

    Everything it has you can find out for free on game guide websites and well even more.

    As this book is for both PS3 & Xbox it summarises buttons as "1, 2, 3 or 4" so you need to remember which they buttons they resemble.

    I was surprised they didn't have any of the babality combinations, as a strategy guide, you would think they would have this information, well they don't.

    I guess in the information department the only good thing would be the explanation of attacks, specials and blocking etc... which personally I already knew, it's something you pick up on, however if you're struggling then you will find this part helpful, but apart from that I would say give it a miss.

  6.  A real bonus to add to your collection!


    When I saw that Nausicaa was available on Blu-ray I really couldn't of clicked that "Buy" button any faster.

    Like the DVD set, this Blu-ray box is numbered and marked in the Studio Ghibli collection.

    Now as for the film itself you can really tell how crisp the picture looks, although the colour seemed pretty much the same (in my opinion) as the DVD version, the picture itself has been up-scaled and can play in 1080p beautifully, it doesn't look stretched and there is no loss in picture quality which is fantastic!

    Special Features consist of:
    *Audio commentary by Hideaki Anno & Kazuyoshi Katayama,
    *Interview with Toshio Suzuki and Hideaki Anno,
    *The Birth of Studio Ghibli,
    *Behind the Microphone,
    *Original Japanese Theatrical Trailers,
    *Studio Ghibli Collection Trailers.

    The listed above vary between 480p, 720 & 1080p.

    Overall I'm glad I bought it and will definitely be buying the others on Blu-ray as they come out.

  7.  Great sized Sackboy in amazing detail!


    This is by far the best Sackboy I've bought, as the title states it's 11" tall, which is a great size to have a sackboy model.
    Their is so much detail in this Sackboy, you really have to have him in front of you to appreciate it.

    You can move the head, however please note that you cannot move his feet or arms, they are in a fixed position.
    It does come with a clear stand, but to be honest my Sackboy stands up perfectly fine without the stand and he doesn't fall over easily either.

    The controller sits perfectly in his hands, but that's not the only thing he can hold, my Ps3 remote rests nicely on him, along with your mobile phone, in fact you could put a phone on each hand unless you are resting the phone sideways.

    If you love Sackboy, this is well worth the money, TOP STARS FROM ME!

  8.  Awesome game!


    First up, if you have a Street Fighter IV save data on your PS3, when you first load up the game you unlock two unique colours for each character, so that's a good bonus for anyone who owns the previous game.

    The best thing about this game is that ALL the characters are unlocked from the start, so you can enjoy playing your favourite characters right off the bat, however you still have to unlock colours and taunts etc... I've noticed that I seem to unlock them playing online and in arcade mode.

    As for the challenges, there are no time trials or survival modes, instead there is just 24 move challenges for each character, and as you go up you unlock titles and icons for your profile.

    Online is pretty good, for me so far connecting to people has been more satisfying than the previous game.

    Arcade you do get story lines for each character, don't expect too much as they seem pretty short and are just pictures being narrated by the characters, but it's still interesting.

    Background music support is still available so you can select your favourite tracks to listen too while in arcade mode, doing challenges or even fighting online.

    And finally there are tons of trophies to get, most being impossible to the average player like me.

    Overall this game is at a fantastic price that you cannot argue with, it will bring a lot of fun and amusement to you, and is a great add on to your Street Fighter collections.

  9.  Unexpectedly the best adult film I've seen in a long time!!!


    First up I have got to point out that this should of been a CERT 18, not a 15 due to the amount of swearing and the multiple use of the "C" word in this film, not too mention the amount of violence and blood also.

    The gore and language didn't effect me from enjoying this film at all as it suited this type of film, however it's just a heads up for anyone that might not expect it.

    The film itself was fantastic, the choreography was amazing and packed pull of action! This film could be described as Superbad meets Kill Bill.

    All actors were perfect for their roles, and I personally haven't liked Nicolas Cage for a long time but this film changes my opinions on him totally.

    Very enjoyable film that is worth buying rather than renting.
    - Top Stars from me!

  10.  Brilliant!


    The quality on this lil fellah is amazing just like the other sackboys you can get.

    Wish they would release more with different costumes to add to my collection :)