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  1.  Unleash your animal


    Finally the eagerly awaited Pets expansion pack has landed but the major question, is this little more than a scratch behind the ear or a real tasty treat.

    The first thing to note is another new location, the town itself is nicely setup, giving you the feel that youre in your very own Texas. However, its slightly annoying as youve no doubt spent countless hours playing nightlife and it really negates whole celebrity setup, the career is not available (unless you manually add the film lot) and pretty much cancels out the whole celebrity idea, plus if youre a vampire there isnt much shade.

    Naturally all the pets have been well revamped so you have the same level of customisation as you would with any human sim, with the trait and wish system being very similar, at very least you can now enjoy a rainbow coloured cat without it being an act of cruelty.

    As youd expect from the setting youll soon be horsing around, building a ranch, starting to fill the stable, riding your favourite horse down the street at a frantic gallop and trying to tame something a little bit special.

    Now although there is a lot of detail here I feel there could have been more options, there was room for another career based around the cowboy theme ending with two paths of champion jockey or master bull rider not just the self employed horseman.

    Also why is there no option for Cat or Dog breeding to make money, rather than just free adoption? Ok Ive listed tiny issues that could have been better but that aside it wont ruin your fun, the animation is on the money, the interactions are realistic and the Kittens/puppies adorable.

    Its a wonderful and necessary addition to the Sims 3 universe, the Game is worth 5 stars but unless youre disparate for some virtual pets wait for the standard price drop.

  2.  A new Generation........well not quite.


    It has always been widely considered that the game play was often limited for age groups under that of adults and this expansion pack has worked hard to correct that with new options, interactions and actives, but I think how you play the game depends on how much you get from this expansion pack.

    If you are someone who likes to develop their Sims to a high degree, focusing on one or two characters and not really interest in building a family or generational tree this expansion pack holds limited appeal.

    On the other hand if you enjoy progressing your sims through their life and building countless families this expansion pack has alot of scope and something you should consider purchasing, It does add a considerable level of depth for the earlier stages of a Sims life which was absent.

    Not to say there isnt new features for adults with the Stag/Hen parties being very entertaining and as you would imagine more fun items to purchase, chemistry set being a good one. But any expansion pack following Night life was being handed a tall order given how much it offered.

    As a final verdict this is an expansion pack worth owning once its under 20 pound, how they can charge 30 pound for an expansion pack is nothing but greedy. Based on my earlier comments if you tend to focus on only 1-2 sims this is only a 3 stars addition to the series but if you do the whole family thing its 4 stars. Its good but not great.

  3.  A step in a different direction but is change always good?!


    I think the first thing you must be aware of this is not the sims but that isnt a negative reflection on the game, just if you play this like The Sim 3 which uses the same game engine you might be slightly disappointed.

    The game is slightly more focused towards quests, tasks and building a kingdom. So although the freedom is there you are more driven to achieve your overall aim, this has been well counter balanced against the need to micro manage your sims, giving you more time to complete your goals.

    The idea of needing 10 different Heros is indeed a very clever one, you no longer have the luxury of focusing all your attention on a single SIm, for instance is you want a great knight, you need a good blacksmith to make the best armour, who needs a good market to buy the best supplies to build said armour as not everything can be found within the kingdom.

    Now the change that has caused a major area for concern is that each kingdom ambition has a set end to that achievement, once achieved you have to start all over again with a new kingdom with totally new Sims with no skills, just a different ambition and although there is a free roam option after you finish the ambition, it feels slightly pointless as you are given nothing to really achieve. Personal I think this is an odd and potentially foolish move.

    If you are a Sims fan then you will probably enjoy this as although its not the traditional Sims style we have all come to love, the game play still holds a warm feeling of similarity. However, it seems to have lost some of the Sims magic and provides you with the sense they have simply cashed on their brand image.

    Its a decent game but based on the questionable changes to the game play and the price which is rather steep, its only a solid 3 stars.

  4.  The Third Step of greatness!!!!


    First I think it's important the people complaining that the game running slow or bad graphics need to understand this is a direct result of the PC your using and has nothing to do with the actual game, those who incorrectly state the graphics on the Sims 2 are better is because the game is four years old and the basic system requirements were significantly less, naturally you need a better graphics card to meeting (preferable exceed) the game requirements.

    Clearly they have taken more time on the little details that have no doubt been suggested from fans of the game, the ability to choose how your Sims spends their day at work is a real nice idea, mood modifiers, character traits and the wishes system all add depth to the game play, the map is now fully open which mean no tedious loading screen so you can go visit other house's and really get to explore which adds a feel of openness to the game.

    The customising idea is another winner as you get to add your own personal style to everything and some options might be limited but you can't put everything imaginable into the first game as they would never finish production. Although, you do get the feeling they have held back 10-15% of what they could have put into the game for the 1st expansion packs.

    This game is based around freedom and that's the best part you don't have to spend hours micro managing each Sim, it's all about getting out there exploring, having fun and chatting with friends. Plus if you visit the Sims 3 website you can download an addition town for free!!!!

    This game is good, actually this game is very good but a serious word of warning, ensure your computer is capable of running it otherwise you'll be disappointed so check your processor, RAM and graphics capabilities before you commit to a purchase.

    If your computer's good enough it's easy to become addicted!!

  5.  So bad I'm ashamed i brought it!!!!!!!!!


    I'm sorry but this game is awful, ok the "road to wrestlemania" in essence is a great idea but limiting it to 7 character means its lifespan is poor. The "create a finisher" is brilliant and you find yourself grinning from ear to ear but the fun stops there!

    The career mode is the worst I've seen in year's and I'm thinking back to the PSone days, with the lack of cut scene's it give you no real feel of involvement, pick a path win 5 match titles yours!! Picking which title you want to chase has credit and would have been a sure winner if it had been mixed correctly with elements for the "road to wrestlemania" using the whole roster.

    Created superstar!!!!! Ok last years way of levelling up a created character was a little tedious with the continuous training but this year your character's levelling up process is straight painful not to mention you have to wrestle a whole year before your attributes are safe allowing you to create another superstar.

    One thing I'm slightly confused with is why when the game is all about being a tag team is there no animated storylines where you earn a title shot at a tag title as the conclusion?? Where is the GM mode and the legends (rock, stone cold, mankind...etc).

    Clearly the ball has been dropped, this game no real depth and little more then pretty with some fancy teaks, if you're a WWE fan like myself stick to the 2008 games is not a pretty but has so much greater depth. If it wasn't for the fact I could trade mine in for something better it would have ended up in the trash where it belongs.