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  1.  Surprising great


    I expected this game to be realitivley good but it was great. Far better than my expectations. Once the game arrived i began playing instantly and from the offset i was hooked i could tell it was going to be great fun to play. The whole story from start to finish is a great play. The games has many fun little mini games which u use to earn money for your missions. They make great use of the wiis controls. Then theres the slasher missions. These are what makes this game a five star. There are plenty of them to keep you busy for a few weeks but also they are really fun. Using the wii remote as a virtual lightsaber works great and best of all it isnt over used. this game is a must have in ur collection. It is a classic japanese game created by a master in awesome video games. oh yeh and then there is of course that monster of a moto cycle it is so kl. In the game you take sleep in a flat in the north side of the island the game is based on. Its modern and funky and great fun for playing with your pet cat who by the way is really cute. Overall if you got this game you would not be disapointed it will keep you both busy and entertained so pick up a copy and enjoy

  2.  don't u just love lara croft YEAH!


    Lara croft yum. This game is well far from perfect lets say. I had almost forgotten what a tomb raider game was like since the ps1's many of them. Graphics are some of the best on the wii although xbox graphics are far superior. The game starts of well but i lost interest the more i jumped shot and fell to my death (poor Lara ) i didn't mean to hurt u. As soon as ur guide dies from the wolfs that is pretty much all u need to see. The control system for this game is almost the worst possible should have stuck to xbox. Gameplay is fun shooting bears etc. is quite enjoyable. and of course that is the main idea so 3 stars.

  3.  Great but Flawed


    My review is by no means harsh this game is not 5 stars ok just face it i am sure you can find the flaws in this game. Next time you play this think is something wrong and you will find the flaws positive. Ok on to the game. Well it is surely a great fun japanese game but every zelda game starts the same haven't you ever wanted to just get into the action rather than these stupid puzzels what bordom i had in my first 2 hours of this game trying to find the right order to do these jobs in. But that is my only wine at this game otherwise good fun and very very long can take years to complete seriously. It is definatley worth the 30 pounds on average at which u will pay. I also think the parts where u play as the wolf are far to long and pointless stick to link that is what everyone knows zelda from. anyway good but improvements could be made for the next in the series.

  4.  bit of a let down


    ninja gaiden games have been around for along time and none where to impressive to me but this is possibly the worst yet.nothing is really very good the fighting i suppose is ok and with the large variety of moves to learn as you move throughout it can be quite good. The difficulty is really good for experienced gamers but i just stick to easy but it always good to know a challenge is there when you need it. The best part to this game is the weapons. These are amazing to look at and even better to fight with this makes the game worth the 3 stars i gave it. The levels well there are many and should take you about 3 months to complete in easy so get ready for a long time at the PS3 as some games do. I myself have not completed but from what i have encountered there are many boss fights and each are stunningly designed and they are huge are very fun.not much else to say really ok but could be improved for nijna 2.

  5.  Excellent but needs a story mode


    great game but as i said in the title it is in need of a story mode to get the 5 stars from me. Although you may say that it does have a mission mode however this is not a story mode just a challenge mode where you have to place first in certain events nothing to what is needed. A mode where you choose your charecter and compete to take home the gold with a team of sonic or mario charecter each suited for a different event that would be the ultimate game. But it is still a very good game and one of the best for wii. It takes a while to get used to but once you got it it always stays with you. The reason i gave this game 4 stars is that every event with the exception of archery has been developed perfectly with no flaws. This game is an excellent family game but not for true gamers it is a lot like eating chicken but not the skin there is just no true flavor or true story mode in terms of this game but still very good. Being able to use your mii is a good thing and dream events are very enjoyable as they bascically combine a few events into one for fun. Must but for minigame lovers. The online leaderbords can keep you pushing yourself to be the best so a great game.

  6.  Best sports game available


    Unfortunenatley for 5 stars it definatley needs football but tennis baseball and bowling are my faviourite on it and boxing just doesn't appeal to me but it might if you like tiring minigames which have see through people with no legs.Golf just takes to long to do and i don't have time when i have games like super mario galaxy to play rather than hit ball goes in hole and move on. This game is still a must have for the wii but that shouldn't be a problem as it comes with the wii. Tennis is very exciting to play and is not to tirering and it is the same deal with baseball. Bowling is also a good game but can get frustrating when you begin to wonder why the why spins uncontrollably to the left and knocks over no pins. This game is good but in a few words one big! mini! game. Good fun for family play but one player is pretty pointless unless you want to buld up loads of skill points so that when your friend comes round he has none and you can beat him easily. Good game it is truly better than fifa!

  7.  Great Game


    wow! i am not a large football fan but i loved this game. The fact that you can play nintendo charecters is awesome and very appealing to nintendo fans and followers of the mario games. Gameplay is good but could be inproved by making the pitch bigger and more players in your team than four. During the game scoring goals can be difficult without megastickes because of the amazing out of the ordinary athletic ability of the keeper. However megastrickes are have very attractive visuals and each charecter has a different one to master. Also the items are useful to change the gameplay. The story mode in thisd game is great and fun however it is difficult and there are tons of matches before the final for the cup. This game has been out since the wii came out 2 years ago and still costs £30 which is a lot. The online mode is brilliant and fun however very hard to play with friends due to nintendos habbit of giving a friend code for everything. The challenge mode in this game is a very highly increaseing difficulty and by the third challenge you are already in legend difficulty two player is very good and probably the most enjoyable mode in this game, By playing against somebody who has naver played this game and using your megastrick will leave then mouth dropped in aww as to what had just happened and why you are winning 6-0 (if you time it right) in just 4 seconds. It is a hugly enjoyable game overall and probably a nintendo wii must buy game.

  8.  Best FPS for wii truly


    i bought this game based on its reviews and i am glad i did even though i have never even played a metroid game before. There are however some faults but however small these are i must highlight then. the first is that there very little save points and also it can be quite difficult manouviring your charecter throughout boss fights in enclosed spaces. but these are not enough to not get me excited by this. the gameplay is the best part using the sensor to control where samus looks is very inngunoitive. i am hoping that this game continues to impress me as i move further through it. i can't wait for metroid 4(if there is one?)

  9.  Good great syle arcade time


    this game is good but it is not great but i didn't expect it to be anything amazing. I must admit that resident evil 4 is 10 times better and that umbrella chroncles is almost impossible to complete it is just like house of dead. The wii zapper works nicely with it though and it feels like you are really in the game The two player story mode is much better and makes the game easier it is also suprisingly a long game to keep you occupied. Large variety of zombies and creatures and ferouious boss battles in almost every level good game worth the buy for fans.

  10.  Only buy if you are a true spyro enthusiast


    If you have played the spyro ps1 games and ps2 games and loved them this is no different still a great legend in gameing and hope it will be for a while. However if you haven't played any ps1 or ps2 spyro games than don't buy. There are many reasons for this 1.the graphics aren't advanced 2. the physics aren't advanced for third gen 3.the gameplay isn't third gen 4. this game isn't third gen just a remix from the ps2 one for more money. However as i say in the title if you love spyro you will love this because unlike some games it has stuck to its style throughout and isn't going to change unlike some games behind the very long complicated title is a great game to be discovered. However the enemys have become very difficult and is now a much harder game so 3 stars because it could go both ways.