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  1.  Fantastic - one of the best films i have watched this year.


    What an amazing film, I throughly enjoyed this film and has a range of brilliant actors including Keria Knightly who played a brilliant performance as the Duchess. Would recommend!

  2.  Nothing like the book!


    Was really looking forward to watching this film after reading the book, but half way relised most of the background imformation needed to make the character seem more likely was missed out. And the biggest shock of all was the ending, it is totally different from the book and you will know after reading the book and comparing it to the film. Was really disappoined but the young actors played their parts well.

  3.  Amazing!


    I thought the series was amazing, and the first review is total rubbish. The acting was brilliant, i actually enjoyed this more than the movie version, some brilliant new actors, especially Ellie Kendrick who played Anne Frank. You have to buy!

  4.  Fantastic


    One of the best love movies i have seen. I couldn't keep my eyes of the TV, when i saw it the other night, now going to order my DVD. Great set of actors including Rachael McAdams. Worh the watch but keep your hands on the tissues!

  5.  Brilliant


    Went and saw this film at the cinema the other night, its amazing. With some brilliant young actors in it. It has a very unexpected ending. Which left most of the people in the cinema in tears, including me! A must see and can't wait for it to come out on DVD. I'm also going to place an order on the book and see if its as good at the film! Must see!

  6.  A great read.


    I read this book in less than week, which is pretty quick. A great book for any Russel Brand fan. This is also one of the funniest books i have read, he makes random comments about funny situations he gets himself in. Well written and he tells about his childhood right though to where he is now. A very detailed describtion of his drug and sex problems. Would recommend.

  7.  Okay-ish.


    After watching the tralior, i thought i would buy the film. I was expecting much more then what it was. Not really funny in parts and it dragged on quite a bit. But the actors were quite good including Ben Stiller, one of my favourite actors. I think i only laughed at some of the parts with him, thats about it. I think i would only probably watch it once.

  8.  A good expansion.


    I must say I did find it quite hard when i first brought the expansion. But when you get used to it it is actually quite fun. You can have a home bussiness including putting up a lemonade stall outside your house or buying a lot which you can make into a salon, restraunt or shops. You can hire and fire employees. If you have quite a slow computor it does take quite a long time to go from your lotted house to the lot where you bussiness is on. Still finding more stuff to do on the expansion and learning new ways to do things. I would recommend, better than pets and university.

  9.  Not as good as the first.


    In my opinion, this series was no where near as good as the first series. First of all why the earth did they have to kill of one of the best actors in it, and which I haven't got since the first series, is Effy. She doesn't really seem to fit in. Shes just there. I think it was pretty stupid making a whole episode for her, when Anwar, who derserves to have his own episode could of had one. I must say I did enjoy the episode of Cassie, when they filmed in America. I'm not saying the second series was a total waste of time because there was a a few bits i really did enjoy such as the musical in episode 2. Its just to top it all of there is going to be a total new cast for series 3, i know it won't be the same and everyone it saying theres no point anymore watching it, but we haven't seen it yet, and you never know they could be better and more interesting than the orginal cast. Well im going to order my copy to add to the collection. If this isn't your sort of thing, I would'nt recommend.

  10.  Very Good.


    I wasn't a very big fan of R'N'B until I heard a few of Kayne West's singles. I manged to buy the album on here at a bargin. Well worth my money for the quality of songs on here. Homecoming is one of the best tracks including Stronger and Good morning. The duets with some good artists including Chris Martin. I really do recommend you to buy this album, you will not regret it.