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  1.  A Whole Lotta Meh


    Let me start by saying that "A Thousand Suns" is my favourite LP album and I know that I'm in the minority with that opinion but I stand by my choice.

    LP are one of my favourite bands but I'm not a fan-boy. In my opinion Living Things is nothing more than a mediocre album. Burn It Down is probably the only track with a memorable hook/electronic riff on the entire album. The "wall of sound" they were aiming for is evident to hear, but this detracts from the clarity of the sound and every song ends up sounding like the same tired dirge. Not to mention that some of the lyrics are laughable... "Kiss that ring" and "I'm only a crack" spring to mind.

    Usually I will listen to an album continuously for a week or two, just in case it is a 'sleeper' or a 'grower'. Sadly Living Things only received a few play throughs before being removed from my CD player and replaced with the Dead By Sunrise album.

    Best LP Album? Hardly. In my opinion Living Things is LP's weakest album to date. I'd much rather be listening to Chester's side project.

  2.  Amazing!


    I know I will probably be in the minority but I prefer Reanimation over Hybrid Theory, and for me it is one of Linkin Park's best albums along with A Thousand Suns.

    Hybrid Theory was a great album but Reanimation took it to another level.

    If you like Linkin Park and have an open mind I'm sure you'll enjoy this killer album.

  3.  LP's Best Album So Far...


    I personally feel this album deserves 5 out of 5, however I can understand why certain people will dislike it.

    In order to appreciate it you've got to be open minded and listen to the album AS A WHOLE. This is an ALBUM not just a selection of songs or snippets of sound effects.

    This is Linkin Park's version of Dark Side of the Moon.

    It is impossible make any literal comparisons with Pink Floyd's masterpiece but LP have produced a similar experience with A Thousand Suns.

    My favourite Linkin Park album by far!

  4.  Quality product at an excellent price


    I recently spent ages trying to find the perfect case for my iPhone, trawling reviews on the net. A few months ago I ended up purchasing a Switcheasy Rebel Serpent. The Switcheasy is a great case but as soon as I saw the Protec Bounce case on my mate's iPhone I wanted one.

    It is lighter, slimmer and looks more sleek than the Switcheasy.

    I don't think it would offer the same level of protection if dropped on a hard surface from height and it doesn't come with all the nice extras that Switcheasy cases do (i.e. screen protectors, port cap etc) BUT it is half the price and will protect against bumps and scratches.

    I also like the snug fit which means you get a better 'feel' for the phone through the case.

    You won't find a better case for 10 pounds (and maybe not for 20 pounds either).

  5.  A screen protector that actually works!


    I've tried a few screen protectors before the PhoneDevil and could never get the air bubbles out of the cheaper ones. They would also trap dust forever.

    The PhoneDevil went on easier, however I was annoyed because even though I had cleaned my iPhone scrupulously with the cloth provided, the protector still trapped some dust. Nevertheless within an hour the protector had completely sealed, all the air bubbles had gone and the dust seemed to have magically disappeared. :-)

    I was a little apprehensive paying 5 pounds for just one protector when you can usually buy them for a pound each, BUT it is worth the extra because this one actually works and is invisible. The touch sensitivity is not impaired either. I'm really impressed.

    Quality product.