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  1.  The best album in any genre ever!


    I was so shocked when i saw thefallenangel gave this, Master of Puppets, 4 stars!!!!!!!!! I mean why?

    Just listen to it, each song is perfect, the best song ever, and musically its great. I could listen to this without the lyrics and its great, then i could listen to it without the music and it would still be great, the lyrics and music is just perfect!

    Best album ever!

  2.  Great, But Not Perfect.


    Ok so heres Distrubed, finially back with a new album, and really it doesn't disapoint. They keep to their traditional style of Nu-Metal and this is what Disturbed fans like.

    Finally!!!! They are now doing solos, i can't think of a Disturbed song, off the top of my head, with a solo! And if they did do one it would be a rythem solo rather than anything like on Inside The Fire. Now they actually do them on this album so it isn't all rythem play and constant vocals.

    Amazing start to the album. I love slow starting songs with background noise (best example 'One' by Metallica of course!)

    There are a few things that prevent this from being 5 Stars.

    There aren't any really long 8 minute songs, and to be a great metal album you do need them songs, (Master of Puppets, Dance of Death, The Number of The Beast, The Crusade, Reign In Blood) All of which have long songs.

    And also i ain't to fussed on the ending; Facade is a really good song, but it just fades out. There isn't any dramtic or Epic feel to the ending as if something great had just finished. And these are just small points but to compare with something like Master of Puppets you need to have all the points just to be in the same category.

    Still....It is Disturbeds best album to date, and i hope them best on their tour and at Download.

    Buy this if your a Distrubed fan and if you didn't like them before i think you will now!

    Rock ON ! \m/\m/

  3.  Will be a great band in the future


    I saw these guys live when they went with A7X in Cardiff, and they wer pritty good, they even played sum metallica which en bad.

    Then i found out that ther singer was 15 and the oldest member was 19 so these guys deserve sum credit.

    Good album only heard a few songs off it but i no the others will be great, i hope they do well with all that remains when they tour

  4.  They Keep getting worse


    They used to be good now their songs are getting worse, this album is so boaring, you want people like Avenged Sevenfold everyone can enjoy their new album

  5. Let Go

    Let Go

    Avril Lavigne - CD

    13 New from  £2.98  Free delivery

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     Anything but this loverly lady is a delight


    I like metal, alot. But this girl has summat special i would listen to this album again, and again, an again. And i ahve done! And also she's truely hot, Avril if your out there and you wanted to know what people thought of your album and your reading this comment, first of all i love your music and do you wanna get toghther i'm a little younger than you tho!

  6. X&Y


    Coldplay - CD

    25 New from  £3.37  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.14

     i don mind it


    It en a bad album but for the highest selling album on Play.com i thought it would of been better and another thing whats up with the album art, come on Coldplay thats the most in-enthusiastic boaring un-apitizing cover ever!!!!

  7.  What only 4 and a 1/2 stars


    If your reading the reviews to see if this is a good game, then your a bit crazy this game should currently be in your xbox 360 with the controller in your hand whilst you look up and see your head being poped by Rampant Ross! and yes that is my gamertag just add it if you wanna bout

  8.  This shouldn't be a game!


    I didn't enjoy this when i rented it and it was a waste of time and money for those who tried to make it! Also i dislike these games

  9.  C'mon this is great


    Easy to play, fun to play. You can easily jump and climb around and look here you can complete this game in 4 hours (well i did, if you sorta rush a little) and thats a nice easy 1000 points in the bag for only £18 then sell it on PlayTrade!!!

  10.  Great film and great animation


    Really good film and about time they made one about TMNT also if you like this you wanna buy the game for xbox 360 1000 points in 4 hours, nice!