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  1.  Battlefield 3 + Frostbite 2 = The Best FPS Ever Made


    Well, I've been a fan of BF for quite some time now, and it started where every little boy starts off. The original Battlefield 1942. (Sorry folks, but, I missed out on Codename Eagle).

    Instantly, from the get-go, BF1942 completely blew me away. The Refractor 2.0 engine was the 'next-best-thing' in gaming!

    The sheer scope and intensity of the multiplayer was almost too much to behold. I was a massive fan of Counter Strike, but it really couldn't hold a candle against Battlefield. I couldn't believe what I was playing. I lost far too many hours to my youth playing that game.

    Then they released expansion packs, Road to Rome, Secret Weapons of WWII, Battlefield Vietnam, Battlefield 2 + A million expansions for that, then, finally, they hit a peak with Battlefield 2142. The (modified) Refractor 2.0 engine was being pushed to the limits, it was getting old. I remember that 2142 looked fairly decent, especially considering the roots of the engine - Yes, the engine started out as 1.0 on Codename Eagle, but when boundaries are needing pushed, things just had to move on..

    At a sullen E3, out of the shadows DICE cometh. They announce a new type of Battlefield, one where walls were no obstacle for the modern soldier. They announced BF: Bad Company and the new Frostbite Engine.

    Crowds were in awe when the trailer was running, the comedy relief and the voice over was awesome, but all eyes were on the country-grown soldier, happily lobbing off M203 grenades and destroying buildings! DICE has made dreams come true and has given gamers the ability to fully destroy environments, on a massive scale.

    The game could be turning to a wasteland around you, although, to your surprise it was always running smooth and allowing you to explore vast the environments, with a draw-distance that would make a flight simulator jealous! (I never got round to Battlefield Bad Company 2, or the Vietnam version, but they used an upgraded 'Frostbite 1.5' and it looked tremendous!) But that still wasn't good enough for DICE and DirectX 11 lay just around the corner, allowing developers to squeeze 30% more performance out of hardware; and introduce new visual technologies that haven't been tapped into fully.

    DICE sat in their dark rooms, working away... In near silence.

    Now, the wait is over. BF3 has hit the shelves, and Frostbite 2 has been unleashed with full DX11 support!

    My first opinion of the game - Battlefield 3 has, honestly, taken gaming to the next level. I've never played a game with so much detail, so much immersion and such fluid gameplay. It really is the kind of game that all developers should aspire to making.

    Everything in Battlefield 3 is designed to put you in the game. The distance cracking of gunfire, tracers chasing each other through the sky, bullets cracking against your cover, flashlights blinding you, jets screaming past overhead, explosions in the distance.... Every aspect of the game builds and builds into a massive crescendo, exploding all over you, just to just deliver one of the best and most refined gaming experiences ever made.

    DICE & Battlefield 3 don't just let you play around in a battlefield...

    They put you IN the battlefield!

  2.  It Does The Job


    Well, I can't say much for this except from it's highly convenient.

    Docking station.
    Two batteries, for quick swapping.
    Charges through USB - Laptop, PC, Xbox, USB wall adaptor.

    Short battery life - 5-7 hours.

    The batteries are only rated at 900mAh, which I think is AAA. Which is nothing when you compare it to a AA rechargeable which kicks around 2700-3000mAh at the highest level.

    If I could pry it open, without damaging it, I'd upgrade them to more substantial batteries. The dock + charge feature is awesome, it's just a shame they've put the worlds shoddiest batteries on the inside.

  3.  Phenomenal!


    Me and my mates love our old cheesy 90s dance tunes, and this is exactly what the world needed!

    There are still some classics missing but this gives you a pretty damn good spread of the best of the 90s!

    Two words,

    BUY IT!

  4.  Don't Think, Just Buy.


    I read this book from beginning to finish in one sitting!

    The only thing that interrupted my reading was having to make tea, use the bog and spasm in fits of laughter when Dan comes out with some of the anecdotes from his brothers.

    After reading the book you get a 'feel' for how a very strong bond is developed between everyone in a regiment. These guys slugged it out in the harshest of conditions that the British Army has had to face to date. The one main thing that kept them going was the quality of the dark-homoured nature of the lads from the PWRR. This book definitely a 100% quality read, worth every penny.

    If you like fast paced action with a few dirty laughs thrown in, this one is for you.