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  1. DiRT 3

    DiRT 3

    Xbox 360

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     Dirt 2's Mid Life Crisis


    Dirt 3 is an interesting one as it takes much of what it achieved in Dirt 2 and borrowed from Dirt 1 while going back to the original Colin McRae series for some inspiration on quirky fun.
    In short it's Dirt 2 suffering from a mid life crisis, it uses numerous classic and iconic rally cars to make itself appealing again while adding Gymkhana to prove it's still Dirt 2 under all the history.
    Does it work? Yes it does.
    Multiplayer is actually fun for once with added party modes although a Zombie Mode? Really? For a Racing Game? Didn't you already do this in hundreds of other games?
    If I have one criticism is that the perfection of the Ego Engine means that it's impossible for the game to be challenging without increasing the difficulty of the A.I.

  2.  Slightly Over Rated


    If I were to look over my collection of racing games I find that I don't have many action orientated racers. I played my fair share of Twisted Metal, Vigilante 8 & Rush 2049 to name but a few and I've played plenty of Burnout.
    While those are very good examples of action racers, Split/Second doesn't really stack up well.
    The idea is to race in a deserted area of a derelict city where you have the power to blow up nearby buildings and objects to crush your rivals but as you play you'll realise that the computer can do the same thing and you'll be punished very quickly for being bad at it which isn't helped by broken steering and the fact that it's just as easy to get caught in your own trap.
    It gets worst online as you can only use what you unlock so you can't even compete at a fair level until you've at least completed the game.
    I've heard plenty of rave reviews for this but it's beaten easily by Burnout and it's main competitor Blur.
    At best it's average and offers good fun but you'll quickly find that Micheal Bay style explosions aren't so cool when they've just cost you first place.

  3.  Failure as a Racing Game


    Koei is a Japanese game developer whose flagship games the Dynasty Warriors series frequently sell quite well but every so often game developers like to diverse themselves into trying to make a game for a different genre particularly a genre they've never done before.
    So Koei decide to make a futuristic racing game called Fatal Inertia a.k.a bad Wipeout clone.
    Futuristic racers are easy to make and equally as easy to mess up so it came as no surprise to see this sorry game flop so badly. The controls are atrocious, the environments are dull, the gameplay is lacklustre and the graphics are very low grade considering that this is meant to be a 360 game.
    Koei are experts in making huge hack n slash strategy games but when it came to making a racing game they couldn't do it. It's like asking Sonic Team to do a first person shooter or asking Bungie to make a game that isn't Halo.

  4.  Too Much Freedom is a Bad Thing


    Prototype comes from the same school as many of todays games by being about experiments going wrong which results in fighting the military or the "infected" in order to survive. This weeks experiment is Alex Mercer who gains super powers after he's meant to have died and he can suddenly manipulate his body to form giant claws and rip everyone to pieces and can also absorb people and take on their memories. Not to mention the ability to go absolutely everywhere by running up buildings and running through everything; a normal run down the street becomes a game of car hopscotch.
    The game gives you the freedom to destroy practically everything and kill anyone even though your not supposed to as too much freedom draws out the military but I question how effective they really are; a number of times I would be playing car hopscotch or a GTA style tank hijack or hacking people all over the place and the worst they can send is a helicopter that can be taken out by an air conditioning unit. While at other times I would rampage the city with my tank and not even be bothered the military.
    In the end you'll lose interest in the freedom and do the missions just to get a decent challenge out of it. My point is that a game genre like hack & slash doesn't need to be open world to be fun and I don't think Prototype really needed to be open world. It's still good and I'll certainly choose this over many of the other "infected" games that litter the current gaming market.

  5.  Broken & Obnoxious


    Have you ever had one of those situations where the game just laughs at you for failing so badly? Well I get that feeling from playing Devil May Cry 4.
    The word obnoxious comes to mind when describing this game as many of it's puzzles require timed jumping sequences near spiky walls with a fixed camera along with respawning enemies when you fail and to add to the torment stupid riddles your meant to know about and mystical objects you can't do anything with.
    All together this messed up formula is meant to make up a game. A broken extremely obnoxious game that's obsessed with it's own image that anyone who doesn't have a degree in Giant Swords with built in V8 Engines will laugh at you and kick you while your down.

  6.  It Will Blow Up in Five Minutes Several Episodes Later


    It's difficult to recommend a Dragonballz fighting game when the same stories pop up which is fine and all because the story is still very good but when it decides to go into the more finer details it becomes frustrating and you'd really just want to beat stuff up.
    What I mean is the story mode where you essentially fight the same character several times with many different characters of the current chapter and the story sort of stands still for several hours.
    Graphics are brilliant and gameplay is only surpassed by Tenkaichi 3 on the Wii but it does draw everything out very slowly which is very off putting.
    It's like when Freiza said the planet is going to blow up in five minutes and five episodes later it's still gonna blow up in five minutes. That kinda describes entirely how I feel about this game.

  7.  An Easy Game Made Into An Endless Day At Work


    MySims Kingdom is the sequel to the original MySims game featuring a host of cartoon like characters in which you try to help out in order to make the world a better place. The first game was great with the exception of horrible loading times which thankfully they have resolved in this game.
    The difference between the two is that this time your in charge of helping out a kingdom as oppose to a small town and to add to the whole theme you are now a wandolier a magic user with the incredible power to create things from various materials and magically put them in place using your wand. Before you were a master builder with alchemist abilities this time you're a cross between an alchemist and a sorcerer so already the age rating has plummeted.
    Building is the same, certain popular characters return and even certain themes return. The major change is that you can now do more than just build and the story while being very similar is actually more in depth.
    But at a certain point in the game the demands start pouring in and you suddenly become a slave instead of a wandolier. To put it in nicer terms the game stopped being fun, stuff you built before is okay but then they tell you to improve it the fussy lot and even stuff that already existed at the start of the game requires doing up.
    At least with the original it didn't try to bombard you with so much to do.
    So to conclude the game is good, in fact I would say it was better than the first game if not for the sudden change in gameplay halfway though.

  8.  All the Fun You Can Have & No One Can Stop You


    These days crime is very common in games you only have to look at Grand Theft Auto to see how successful a crime game is but during a forgotten era when you used to have a top down view you remember the colourful fun you used to have being able to do anything you want.
    Saints Row 2 is the correct way to bring back this old formula of doing what you want in a new era obsessed by technology.
    Saints Row 2 does everything right and never takes it self too seriously. For example during a scene in a courtroom you burst in to break a gang leader out and it's not just the police fighting you it's the judge as well so you can pretty much start a fight with an OAP and gurantee that they'll try and fight back.
    My only bad comment is character customization which should be a strength but there is so much complexity in making a character that you can end up spending hours before even starting the game making a character only to give up and copy someone else's character design from a website.
    So to conclude I say good game but tone down the character customization.

  9.  Senna Is The Only Good Thing About It


    Filler is a dirty word among anime fans especially in regards to long running series such as Naruto, Bleach & One Piece. A filler usually occurs when the anime series runs dangerously close to the manga and instead of placing the series on hiatus while the artist catches up, a filler episode is put in place. A short and simple story to keep people happy however it doesn't help that most of them are rubbish. I often read better fanfics than some filler episodes.
    Bleach: Memories of Nobody is one of these filler episodes apparently good enough to make it into a stand alone movie. The character of the day this time is a soul reaper named Senna who appears out of no where and starts destroying these white things with red hats which comes pretty close to the dub script in terms of explanation, speaking of which everything is explained by Urahara in which Senna is the key to merging and destroying the worlds of the living and the Soul Society. The enemies are very low key and don't really deliver any memorable performances equally the Soul Reapers don't do much but show off their attacks and leave the rest to Ichigo which pretty much happens a lot in more recent Bleach episodes. But I won't write off this film as bad as it's saved by the filler character Senna.
    I've never known a filler character actually being interesting to watch and compared to the other females in Bleach is a million times more appealing. Senna is actually believable from when she acts normally to the point where she struggles to come to terms with her mixed up memories; her background story actually makes a lot of sense which in a show with as many terms as swords deserves credit but it does however lead me to a comment I used in my Sonic Chronicles review.
    Now I don't know how much influence Tite Kubo had in making this movie but I start to worry when an anime filler is better than the actual manga much in the same way I worry about the fact that Bioware could write a better Sonic storyline than SonicTeam

  10.  Most Surprising Game Release of the Year


    One Piece is easily the surprise game release of the year. America don't even have this game yet which is a good thing as it means the game is subtitled instead of dubbed which already pleases the fan base.
    Anyone whose played Unlimited Adventure and the Grand Battle/Adventure series will recognise the gameplay as it borrows many of it's elements from those games. 3D arenas and basic controls from the fighting games along with the exploration commands from Unlimited Adventure make for a really good game. In fact the game is so packed that it needs a second game to fill the entire content.
    However don't mistake this as an easy to pick up and play game; although you have access to all nine members of the crew you start off with practically a pathetic little attack which you need to build on by constant fighting and your never really told when you're going to reach the next level and learn the better attacks. Equally you'll be stuck looking for materials to feed your little Piñata friend so he can throw up great big fireballs in order to progress further in the game.
    It's a fans game very much like other anime games but one which may actually be appealing to those who haven't seen One Piece. But as an anime game how well does it compare to other Wii anime games?
    Well with the exception of Detective Conan all of them are fighting games.
    Bleach, Dragonballz, Naruto & Hajime No Ippo are all okay fighting games but without other gameplay elements they don't stand well enough on their own and I'm not referring to the fact that all these games have dubbed voice acting.
    One Piece is aware that as a fighting game it cannot function as well as the others so by using the adventure mode it makes up for a lot of short comings and doesn't lose it's gameplay value by expecting you to grind a million missions and battles to unlock all the bloody characters.