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  1.  No, it's going to be difficult-difficult-lemon-difficult.


    Being a ex Civil Servant for a Central UK Government department, I can honestly say that In The Loop is an accurate representation of the world of Politics. OK, the Director of Communications is not as foul mouthed as Malcolm Tucker, but all the scheming and double backing stabbing, 'off the record chit-chatting' are . The golden rule in Government is this: It's not what you know, it's who you know.

    But I digress. In The Loop is a superbly written satirical look at the world of politics. The plot is extremely clever and at times it seems a little bit too real that it could be based on real life events. All the actors and actresses are superb. This movie is not for the faint of hearts though. There is a lot of strong swearing, lots of use of the f-word and c-word that I lost count.

    In The Loop is a spin-off of the award winning TV series 'The Thick of It' and if you liked that and the Yes Minister series, you will love this movie.

    The DVD contains the usual extras: Director and cast commentary/interviews, deleted scenes etc. It's only in English with English Description.

  2.  The Invaders return for Season 2


    The classic 1960s sci-fi show returns on DVD. David Vincent continues his fight against the aliens and trying to prove to the world that 'they' are finally here. But, if you are reading this, then you know what the show is about anyway (it is season 2). So, what do you get for your cash? Well, you get 7 DVDs and all 26 episodes of season 2. Unfortunately, there are no extras of any kind which is a crying shame considering that the USA release does. Each espiode is in colour, 4:3 aspect ratio and in mono sound. The sound is only in English and there are only English subtitles. As with season 1 (see my other review) the transfers here are excellent, the same standard before. Again, no digital clean up, but it doesn't need it. Unfortunately, if you check the small print on the packaging, minor edits on some of the episodes have been carried out, which episodes and what it doesn't say, pity. Personally, it's great to finally get all the episodes of this classic sci-fi series on DVD. The product loses one star for no extras and the editing.

  3.  Good but could be better...


    I'm not going to write a review about Full Metal Jacket because the film needs *no* introduction. Instead, I will write about the DVD, what do you get for your money? OK, first there is only one DVD, yes one. There are three extras on this DVD: Commentary from Adam Baldwin, Vincent D'Onofrio, R. Lee Ermey and Critic Jay Cocks. There is a new featurette and of course, the trailer. That's it. The commentary is very very good and very insightful. The featurette is OK, but the actors talk about Kubrick more than the actual film. But within all the extras there is no interview or commentary from Matthew Modine. I suspect that Mr Modine declined doing this DVD because he has a book about the making of Full Metal Jacket with various photographs. The commentary mentions the book also. If the DVD had Mr Modine's book 'included' in someway, this would had been the perfect DVD. Play.com have some details missing or in error. The language soundtracks include English, German and Spanish, with various subtitles, and the film is actually a '15' rating now. Watching DI Sgt Hartman in German is quite entertaining :o) Highly recommended.

  4.  A bit of a let down...


    First, the rating is for the DVD box set and not for the cartoon series itself; let's be honest, you are only going to buy the box set if you are a Visionaries fan right?

    In my opinion, the box set is a bit of a let down, for various reasons. The extras on this box set are a little thin, it would had be nice if there were more. All you get are the scripts of the episodes in PDF format, that's it. The biggest let down for me was the quality of the cartoons themselves. Half of the episodes, especially the later ones were in very poor quality. Now, I don't expect a 'digital remastered' version, but I expect better quality than what is given here. There was lots of noise in the picture and it seems that the colour gamma has been adjusted as well. Of course, I understand that the cartoons are 20 years old, but I have better quality versions in VCD format! The sound quality is very good, but in Mono and only in English. There are no subtitles.

    So, if you are thinking of buying, don't expect too much here. Sorry that I wasn't more positive about this box set.

  5.  Finally on DVD...


    Yes, this is the classic 1960's science fiction series "The Invaders", even if the front cover is a bit misleading. Why CBS didn't use the original Invaders logo as the design is anybodies guess. Anyway, yes, this is the complete season 1 of The Invaders on 5 DVD's. 17 episodes of the classic series. Unfortunately, there are no extras of any kind here, but, as the series was made in the 1960's, you wouldn't expect any. Maybe Season 2 with have an current interview with Roy Thinnes? The sound is in mono and the picture is full frame 4:3. Considering the show is 50 years old, the quality of the transfers are excellent. There is by the way, no digital clean up of any kind, so expect to see grain, specks and hairs. There is English subtitles. Personally, for £17 (at the time of writing) it's a steal. A great trip down memory lane and it proves that you don't need 'special effects' to make a good science fiction show. Roll on season 2!

  6.  It's good, but could be better...


    With the destruction of the Gatecrasher nightclub still fresh in people's memories, this release is to show fans of the legendary nightclub that the spirit of the Gatecrasher is still alive and kicking.

    Gatecrasher Immortal consists of 3 CDs, with the first 2 CDs spanning the music history of the nightclub. Disc 1, which is mixed by Scott Bond, bangs out the commercial trance hits that we all know and love. Disc 2, mixed by Matt Hardwick, plays the more popular non-commercial underground Gatecrasher trance, where die-hard Gatecrasher fans will know, whereas the occasional listener might not. Disc 3, mixed by Judge Jules, plays the new future hits of trance/house music, in his usual style of break beats and drop-outs.

    Whilst the first 2 CDs are a great trip down memory lane, they do reflect the style and euphoria of Gatecrasher nightclub, disc 3 was the biggest let down for me. Expecting more uplifting trance music, The Judge has chosen tracks with a slightly darker, harder and moodier tone.

    In conclusion though, this album is similar in style to their previous release 'Gatecrasher Forever', but don't let this put you off. This release is a faithful tire over until the nightclub gets rebuilt. Let's hope after that, Gatecrasher will stop releasing albums that 'milk' the classic era and start releasing albums of the same quality and calibre as the Anjunabeats Volume series.