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  1.  Serenity as it Should be Seen


    I am a great fan of this film (and the Firefly series) and so when I upgraded to a Blu-ray play this was one of the first disks I bought.
    This is a film that has scenes in it that really show what Blu-ray is capable of and makes the film even more engrossing.
    I have always recommended this film and now the new format has reawaken my enthusiasm.

    So at this price just buy it and enjoy.

  2.  The Force is strong in this one


    Ok, from the start you can not expect a state of the art web-cam to be concealed within a Tie Fighter (even if it is Vaders).
    That is not to say that this is not a cool 'toy'. The detail and design of the Tie Fighter is not bad, again not collectors edition but certainly admirable. The central pod is about the size of the average golf ball web-cam so the whole thing is not small. The mount appears strong and supports the camera well either as a stand or a clamp.

    Weak points:
    It is big compared to other web-cams
    Image quality is not fantastic mega pixels

    Cool points:
    The red LEDs light up when camera is on
    Handles low light fairly well
    It is a Tie Fighter clamped to the top of your screen.

    Overall a very cool web-cam that makes a pleasant change from the mass produced anonymous grey golf balls you normally get.

  3.  Excellent Value


    I, like many others, have had various sets of headphones over the years. I tend to stick to simple base models for a few pounds and find them uncomfortable, flimsy, tinny, limited sound range etc etc.
    So I though I would treat myself to a good pair at a ridiculous price (£7.99 down from £39.99).

    These have none of the traits of previous 'bargains'. They are solidly built with some nice touches (like the metal disks in the case to stop the ear pieces from rattling around) and a crisp clear sound with good base response. They are a comfortable fit, despite the odd looking shape, and there is no fear of them accidentally falling out. There are a number of additional rubber buds to ensure that you can get the best fit. Even the volume control is simple and efficient if a little quirky.

    As proof of their quality, comfort and sound reproduction my wife has allowed me to order a second set for myself as she has taken ownership of the ones I originally ordered!

  4.  Value for money or what


    Guild wars is a great game and after 3yrs of playing it I can still say that I continue to logon on a regular basis to play the game.
    This pack represents excellent value at under a third the price I paid for the same thing as individual packs.
    All four campaigns and there are no on-line fees, this is literally hundreds of hours of game play for £25 (I have personally clocked over 2,500hrs and still going).
    If you are new to this sort of game then be assured the learning curve is balanced and there are always people on-line willing to help.

    If you fancy giving Guild Wars a try, this is the pack to get.

  5.  Good things come in small packages


    If you are one of those people who think all memory sticks are the basically the same then thing again, I have owned and broken several in my time and also bought some lemons.
    Corsair is a respected name in computer memory and as such this device has a strong pedigree.
    The size is small (W 20mm / L 35mm / D 9mm) with the connector retracted. This is tiny for a 4GB key. But it performs very well and although not the fastest it is not slow by any means. The outer casing is rubberised so should survive the knocks I know it will receive during its life.
    It may not be the cheapest 4GB key on the market but I believe it represents good value for money considering the quality of the device and for something that I know will last me longer than most I have owned.

  6.  'Bigger than the average Dragon'


    Ok, so I bought this on a whim for the ridiculous price of £2.99 (most places would charge that for P&P). So I was not expecting too much for my money. But was I wrong.
    The description gives you no sizes; this figure stands about 8 inches tall. Yes I agree with the other comment about the 'bloke on a rope' but over all the detail is excellent and there is a sense of menace and action to its pose.
    This is a dynamic figure which, having seen it, I would have gladly paid full pricefor, fortunately thanks to Play.coms excellent value I have a real bargain yet again.

  7.  Excellent way to carry photos


    I, like many, was sceptical of the quality of the images and the amount of hassle it would be to get a picture across.

    I need not have worried.
    The software is simple and efficient.
    The quality is more than acceptable.

    This is a great device which is ideal for my wife to carry all those photos she needs to show off our children to her friends.

    At £15 it is a great buy.

  8.  Razer Rules


    I am not a huge fan of all the blurb and jargon usually associated with a gaming mouse. All I am interested in is how accurate is it and how comfortable is it after 2 or 3 hours of gaming.

    That was until I got one of these.....

    I can honestly say that it lives up to its reputation and beyond. This is not only the most accurate and fastest mouse I have owned (and that is when set to its mid point) but after a couple of hours you hardly notice it as it has become just an extension of your hand. As a bonus Acid Green is such a cool colour.

    True they are not in the budget range but I can honestly say it is worth every penny.

  9.  No ordinary Flash Drive


    To start with this is a quality manufactured devise. It looks great and the retractable connector means there is no top to loose. Yes, there are cheaper versions but they look and feel like cheap versions.

    The U3 is a useful addition as it enables you to run applications from the Flash Drive without the need for installing software onto the PC.

    I have used mine for some months now with no problems or difficulties. The only issue is that 1GB is sometimes not enough. But there is now a 4GB version on the market ........

  10.  A Modern Classic


    I have always been a fan of the Audio version of Jeff Waynes war of the Worlds and so I was a little sceptical of this release. All to often the reworking of a classic fails in translation.

    I need not have worried. This is not only a faithful recreation of the original (if it ain't broke why fix it) but the 'live' stage show that accompanies the musicians is yet another layer of enjoyment.

    The sound is a truly brilliant reproduction with genuine surround and immersive quality.

    This is a must have for any fan.