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  1. Scream


    Chris Cornell - CD

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     This work ain't a part of Chris Cornell... *Ahem*


    I write this Scream review having heard a handful of the tracks live at Shepherds Bush the other night, and having listened to the album in its entirety. I'm more of a fan of Chris Cornell than the bands he's been in, but this is far and away his biggest misfire. Putting aside Cornell has been in two seriously hard rocking bands, and displayed great diversity with Euphoria Morning, there's about a handul of r'n'b/pop songs that might have you humming. The rest of it sways between bland and dire. Part of Me might be the least genuine song he's ever sung, and Sweet Revenge might be the worst. He's a legend that's contributed so much to the soundtrack of my life that I'll end on a lighter note... Time and Scream are pretty good. Especially live!

  2.  The second most loved entry in the Alien franchise


    Once viewed as a home-wrecker, this splendid DVD release enlightened fans to the hardship David Fincher suffered during the making of Alien 3, and therefore shone a more understanding light on it. The assembly cut, some 30 minutes extra in length, makes for a far more interesting and cohesive vision, and makes for a bittersweet triumph.

    Well worth adding to your collection based purely on the incredible art direction and Elliot Goldenthal's haunting score!

  3.  Slightly better than the first, still REALLY underwhelming


    Pretty average set. The extras are solid but weak in comparison to the Quadrilogy, and the movie is often infuriating (If you're a fan of the earlier Alien films that is). That's not to say there is nothing to recommend here. If you like Hollyoaks, you'll love the characters and plot, and some of the action is fun. And though I'm yet to hear it, I'm told the ADI commentary is a riot!

    Movie 5/10
    Disc 6/10

  4.  Slightly Underrated


    Felt compelled to write a review because I think this CD is quite underrated. My favourite NIN songs are probably "Terrible Lie", "Gave Up" & "Something I can never have", so I'm not supporting this purely because it's a more "modern rock" sound NIN, I just like the lyrics and the music. *shrugs*

    Track highlights are "You Know What You Are" and "Everyday is exactly the same", catchy from the off, and enough depth to play them to death. Generally strong CD with a couple of blips, but still genius stuff from Trent.

  5.  The "real" Goo Goo Dolls


    Absolutely essential for any alt-rock fan, or, anyone curious about the Goo Goo Dolls earlier sound that doesn't want to invest in 3 or 4 individual CDs. Starts off with songs not released as singles from Dizzy up the Girl, including All Eyes On Me, regarded by many as the "definitive" GGDs track.

    After getting past such delights as "Naked", "Cuz Your Gone" & "Fallin' Down", the real CD highlights kick in, in the form of remastered tracks from the first three Goo Goo Dolls CDs including "Up Yours" & "I'm Addicted". 10x better to put onto your mp3 player because you can actually hear them unlike the ancient studio CDs.

    Highly recommended!