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  1.  Not as good as fifty shades


    Overall I enjoyed this book but there were so many similarities to fifty shades that I thought it lacked originality. I've read reviews that said it was better but I disagree, it lacked the depth of the characters even though they have darker secrets and they didn't seem as bonded to each other, I just couldn't get into their relationship and see how it could work. That being said I still plan on reading the next one to see what's going to happen.

  2.  Can't wait for the next one


    I thought this book would be similar to the tv series which I love, but it had none of the characters and the plot wasn't the same, however I enjoyed it so much that I can't wait until the next one comes out. The story of survival was gripping and you find yourself rooting for them from the start. The ending is a shocker and I enjoyed them traveling to the next destination to see what was in store for them there. I wish I had the next one now as I can already tell that it's going to be darker and the suspense is too much!

  3.  One of the best books I've ever read


    This is such an amazing book. Well written, it delves into the lives of all involved, giving heartfelt insights into a subject that has been tackled in such a way it makes you question the circumstances of its nature. I found it truly unbelievable that people could be treated in such a cruel way just because of their colour of their skin. It's a real eye opener. Thought provoking books are the best and this is a real page turner that despite its theme is so uplifting.

  4.  A let down


    Loved the title of this book and thought it would be right up my street. However, it was slow to start with and dragged on in places where I felt I was loosing interest in it. The characters are interesting and it was great to read about how life would be like on a fashion magazine. The ending was a let down, it came all of a sudden leaving me with many questions unanswered. I felt it could of been shortened a bit leaving more space for a thorough ending.

  5.  Great for handbag lovers


    If you love bags then you will love this book. It has a great history of how bags started out and how over the years they have evolved. It also contains some of the most prestigious of designers and their "it" bags whilst illustrating the trends of bags through the decades. Consisting of mostly pictures it's a great book to sit and flick through.

  6.  Great chick lit


    This book has it all and takes you through everything in the form of friendship. I love this author and have enjoyed many of her books. They can be a bit tongue in cheek but I quite like that about chick lit. If you want something inspiring then read a novel, this is a lighthearted, enjoyable, easy read.

  7.  A great read


    I read this after watching the film and the book seemed to have loads more going on in it. The characters start off as angel's all wanting their piece of the pie but realising that they need some help with their achievements and even everyday life. It's quite a sad story of how they all dig deeper holes for themselves without even realising. I enjoyed how each of the girls came into contact with one another. Fame hungry and reliant on something extra to get them through their trials it was gripping to see who was going to meet their demise.

  8.  All good things come in small packages


    For such a small book this had so much packed in. The main characters consist of a boy and man and their relationship is fascinating. The battles that the man face at sea are gripping and his determination is awe inspiring, he just doesn't stop fighting. A great story from Hemmingway.

  9.  Very interesting


    I thought this book was great. It's loosely based on hemmingway's time as an ambulance driver in the Great War. At times it made me hold my breath as I waited to see what was going to unfold. The main character is very brave and is willing to do whatever it takes to get him out of a sticky situation until something happens that brings all his happiness to great sadness.

  10.  Loved it


    The quirky characters in this story are great, there are secrets and parties that lead to an interesting end. You don't really know at first where the story is leading you while you get familiar with the characters and then all of a sudden the story comes to life. Beautifully written and I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.