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  1.  best mmorpg ive played. and ive played a lot.


    ok so your thinking about buying this game so your reading the reviews. what do you need to know?
    - there is a 14 day trial version online. BUT it works out about 13.50 p/m so it would be cheaper to buy the retail version (at 24.49 right now) as you get all the extras, plus 60 days play. also, some of the extra stuff in the retail box is only available to new accounts.
    - eve is a space mmo, no walking. just flying ships.
    - its a more mature game with mature players.
    - the learning curve is almost verticle, its hard at first. but if you stick with it, its worth it.
    - no grinding!!!!
    - free updates, the next one is due soon allowing players to harvest planets now.
    - DUST114 game being released for consoles which will be a MMOFPS and will directly effect the eve universe. imagine!!!
    - did i mention no grinding?

    this game is outstanding. clever. massive and brilliant!
    id seriously think about buying the retail version, just for the extras.

  2.  it has power lunch on it!


    if you bought this just for power lunch, you have not waisted your money! buuuuuuy iiiiiiiiiit!

  3.  not as good as the handler


    still a good album, but not as good as his last.
    some good tunes, but some average ones. his last was quality start to finish.
    he has moved with the times and is a lot more electro and a bit moodier.
    overall still worth buying, but id get the handler too!

  4.  Pop/RnB genius


    this has to be one of my favorite albums. brilliant mix of pop and R&B. every tune is enjoyable, its a start to finish album, no skipping, sing along CD! buy it, you will not regret it.
    on another note, go see him live, a show you will not forget.

  5.  park chan-wook is a leg end!


    Very good film if not a little long.
    Dont expect another oldboy. Or lady vengence. The only simliarities it has with these films is the dark humour.
    Expect a good, if not slow at times, take on the vampire genre and you will enjoy.

  6.  if you like RPGs.....


    if your new to the RPG you might find this game a bit hard to get to grips with.
    if your the kind of person to judge a game within the first 30 mins you will miss out on a lot.
    the game is like other people have said, not without its flaws. (too many guns, cars hard to drive, sometimes the AI goes weird) but what it does it does well.
    a couple of hours into the game i was on a difficult bit, kept getting killed. until 3 people joined my game, all higher level than me, we stormed in, wiped out the bad guys, beat the boss, got the guns and i leveled up in the process. thats when i realised how much fun this game is going to get. now replace those 3 strangers with 3 people you know, add some headsets, 1 of you is a healer, the other the tank, another the hunter, another the assasin. youve got a very good game on the go!
    if your a loner who will never go online, doesnt enjoy treasure hunting or leveling, then this game will not be for you.

  7.  its GOTY for a reason!


    first off, for anyone needing help on this game, id advise going to the playstation forums. someones probably already asked the question before you, if not, the community is great and will help any way they can.

    anyway, the game itself is immense. it may take a few hours to get into it, you feel rather weak until you get past level 10, its all a bit much to take in at first too. but when you get into it and realise its epicness (yes, thats a word) you will be blown away.
    the beauty of this game is the openness. you could complete the story mode and easily miss half of the game.
    regarding this version, the expansion packs are selling for £8 each on the PSN, so this is a bargain! you can even go on the PSN for a trailor on each expansion to see what to expect.

    if i could give 1 peice of advice it would be to take your character, pick a direction, and walk in it! you never know what you will find, but you WILL find something. and it will probably be great!

    get on the internet too, you can find maps with points of interest and guides etc. if your after the platinum for this game its essential.

  8.  modern shakespear


    if you own this boxset it will be the greatest thing you own.
    its going to be studied in schools in the future, like shakespear is now.
    its re-watchability beats anything else ive ever seen.
    i enjoyed it more the 2nd time round.
    buy it, buy it now!

  9.  terrible


    worst film in history.
    the ufc stars are only in it for about 30 seconds each.
    if you buy it, buy it for novelty value.
    buy it so you can say "i own the worst film in the world"
    its a joke of a film. you may not laugh, but its still a joke!

  10.  "hes punching me in the bum"


    great great film. watched it 3 times now. its one of those you can watch over and over again.
    its got some brilliant moments. although i would say overall its not as laugh out loud funny as say, superbad. id probably watch this before superbad. (that make sense??) its a more enjoyable experience.
    brilliant sound track too.
    blue ray: wouldnt say it was worth spending the extra over a dvd, its no special effects extravaganza! although you do get a digital copy so it depends what your after.