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  1.  Don't listen to the scare mongers


    A lot of people will be completely put off seeing this film by the trailer. But to those who feel they can't handle it, be strong. The film is a brilliant piece of work by Tom Six (who I had the pleasure of meeting at the London premiere). He never tries to make it an over the top gore fest, ok there is one scene in the garden that is pretty hardcore but overall it's really more the performance of Dieter Laser (Dr. Heiter) that creates the tension and scares. I've seen this film 3 times now and have enjoyed it every time. Bring on the Blu-Ray!

  2. Moon



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     A Special Film


    I was desperate to see this film when it was released. As is the way with money grabbing cinema chains, I had to wait a long time before it came to my local cinema as its not a massive blockbuster with a huge budget and unlimited distribution funds. The hype grew in my mind as I tried not to look into the film too much so as not to ruin the story as I heard it had a great twist.
    Building it up in my head was not a great idea, and it never is for any film. Sadly the plot isn't all I thought it would be having pondered so much over the trailers BUT it is still very good. Sam Rockwell is incredible in this film. If you don't feel something for his character at the end you must have a heart made of stone.
    I highly recommend it. The reason I gave it 4 stars is merely from a personal point of view, having expected maybe the unachievable. None the less, this is a highly enjoyable film.

  3.  It's a Classic and you know it.


    I'd be very surprised if this is your first encounter with the franchise. If it is you may be in for a shock. Effectively this is a 7yr old remake of a game that was released in 1996, and you can tell. BUT that's not necessarily a bad thing. The thing everyone comments on is the controls. Having played the original it's no issue for me. Please don't let that be the reason you don't buy this game. If you could run around freely, the tiny corridor, zombie encounters would be nowhere near as tense.
    At first I thought the visuals were a bit poor but it grows on you as you can't compare it to games now. It adds to the already scary atmosphere. This wouldn't be remade over and over if it wasn't a great game.
    The ONLY reason it gets 4 stars is that its only available in a 4:3 screen and not widescreen. I do find myself straining a bit sometimes to see it all clearly.
    Overall it's a must buy for more serious Wii gamers!
    Bring on Archives Zero

  4.  Can't grumble for the money


    Nice top. Good Fit. The print on the tee is of good quality. It's been throught the wash and has kept it's shape. For the £7.99 I paid I have no complaints.
    One thing to mention though, there are very very tiny holes on certain areas of the top. It's to give it the "worn" look. To be honest it's near enough unnoticeable but thought I would mention it.